Insane Driver Rage Backfires: Angry Trucker Plunges Off Bridge After Failed Furious Passing Maneuver

One angry driver likely wishes he kept his cool in a recent moment of fury that went bad fast. The whole road rage motor vehicle encounter was captured on tape in Mexico last week.

A video emerged of the moment that two semi-trucks clashed while jockeying for position on a roadway in San Nicolás de Los Garza in Nuevo Leon state. In a matter of seconds, the driver of one of the tractor-trailers loses control and nose-dives from a bridge on Manuel L Barragan Avenue.

Reportedly, the two motorists were engaged in a feud that eventually intensified and ended up in "Fast and the Furious" fashion, so to speak. Footage from a driver just behind the road rage pair shows one truck loaded with sheets of metal, making an attempt to pass another truck driver just ahead.

He then appears to strike the other driver's rig before the collision caused metal and rubber to spew into the air. After a moment of engaging in bumper cars, one driver apparently "misjudged the angle," lost control, and plowed through the bridge's support rail, wrote Daily Mail on the driver rage video.

According to reports, despite plunging from the highest point on the bridge, there were no fatalities or injuries below. Furthermore, miraculously, the driver survived unscathed.

In an unrelated road rage incident, one man is in jail and a motorist is dead. Pennsylvania police finally brought an alleged road rage shooter to justice in the death of Bianca Roberson.

The 18-year-old victim died from a single gunshot wound to the head as she drove along a roadway in Chester County. The woman died "instantly" on the scene. She had just graduated from high school and was preparing for a future in college.

After a multi-state pursuit, David Desper, 28, of Delaware County, surrendered peacefully to authorities. Apparently, Desper shot Roberson during a heated argument; the two maneuvered for position while merging onto a single lane.

Desper was jailed and faces first-degree murder, among other charges, in the Pennsylvania road rage killing. On the June 29 murder, Police Chief Joseph Gleason said the crime "is a story of a savage of senseless murder."

While no one died in the Mexico road rage incident, the near-fatal accident highlights how drivers should exercise more restraint while behind the wheel.

[Featured Image by Mihalex/Shutterstock]