Kim Kardashian Fears Kanye West Meltdown Over Jay Diss Track Feud: Affecting Marriage?

Kim Kardashian is worried about how Kanye West's feud with Jay Z could potentially lead to another meltdown for the rapper.

The reality star, who is said to have worked extremely hard to get her marriage back on track following her Paris robbery case and West's breakdown in November, certainly didn't expect Jay Z to throw digs at her husband on his new album, 4:44.

While the comments Jay made, such as referring to giving Kanye $20 million only to be disrespected afterward, as revealed by Vibe, were delivered in anything but a harsh manner, Kanye reportedly felt disrespected.

Kim Kardashian's man didn't think his business needed to be put out to the world like that, and to make matters worse, Jay didn't even reach out to his pal and notify him that he was going to be mentioned in one of his songs.

Kim Kardashian knows that her husband's mental health has been fragile, which is why the "Stronger" hitmaker has kept a relatively low profile in recent months.

It's said that the father-of-two is working on new music while staying away from the limelight, which is helping him to clear his mind from the drama he has found himself in over the past year.

But 'Ye simply can't help but feel disrespected about Jay Z dishing his dirty laundry out on his new album. It's not cool and Kanye is making it known.

Reports, via Hollywood Life, now claim that Kim Kardashian fears Kanye suffering from another meltdown now that Jay has somewhat badmouthed the "Fade" star.

Kim Kardashian has worked too hard to let Jay Z's comments be the downfall of Kanye's mental state and her marriage to the rapper, one source shares.

It's upsetting to think that Kim Kardashian's husband could potentially have a tremendous drawback now that old wounds are being opened again — especially since it was just three months ago when West apologized for ranting about Beyonce during his Saint Pablo Tour.

Back in October, prior to his hospitalization, Kanye accused Beyonce of rigging the MTV Video Music Awards to win certain prizes in her favor in the return of having her perform at the event.

It was an allegation that Kanye felt apologetic for, but it goes without saying that though he had thought things were finally cool between him and Jay, it's starting to seem like that's far from the case.

Kim Kardashian is trying her best to protect her man from another breakdown.

Are you siding with Kim Kardashian on this one? Should Kim Kardashian be worried?

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