New DCEU Intro: Even More Heroes, Villains Spotted As Teaser's HD Version Emerges

Wonder Woman does not only hold the distinction of being the most successful DC superhero movie in recent years, it is also the film which debuted the new DCEU intro. An intro which, since it was first released, has managed to set the DC fanbase aflame, as it featured heroes and villains that are yet to grace the big screen. The new DCEU intro featured characters that would likely make it to future movies in the franchise, and based on the sheer number of characters that were shown onscreen; it appears that there will be a ton of new heroes and antiheroes which would be making their debut in the DC Extended Universe soon.

The new DCEU intro is formatted after the iconic opening scene of the Justice League animated series, featuring the most prominent characters in the DC Extended Universe. Unfortunately, the intro has not really been available in high definition before, which made it quite difficult for fans to determine which characters were being shown, according to a WeGotThisCovered report. Now, however, an HD version of the new DCEU intro has emerged, and avid DC fans have weighed in on some additional characters who would be making an appearance in future DC movies.

While Nightwing was already visible even in the low-resolution version of the new DCEU intro, the HD version of the teaser has also revealed the unmistakable figure of Tim Drake, one of the DC universe's most iconic Robins, according to a ComicBook report. In the new intro, Drake is dressed in his classic Robin attire, green tights and orange bodysuit included.

Dinah Lance, better known as the Black Canary, could also be made out clearly in the HD DCEU intro. The Black Canary is among DC's most popular heroes, with over 70 years of comic book history. In the new DCEU teaser, the Black Canary is wearing her iconic black leotard, blonde hair, and rings.

On the upper right side of the DCEU intro's lineup of characters also lies Blue Beetle, who could be seen in the air in his iconic pose. Blue Beetle is a fan favorite among DC's lineup of superheroes, with the character appearing in numerous comics and even the recent Teen Titans animated film.

Some antiheroes have also emerged with the HD version of the DCEU intro, the most prominent of which is Poison Ivy, who could be seen on the left-hand side of the lineup. The villain is unmistakable due to the vines surrounding her as well as her green suit and red hair.

At the farthest side of the lineup in the HD DCEU intro is the Riddler, who could be seen in his trademark pose. With this, it appears that the character, who has been featured prominently in the ongoing Gotham TV series, would be making an appearance in the DC Extended Universe as well.

Considering the lineup of heroes and antiheroes featured in the new DCEU intro, it seems that DC is preparing to expand its film franchise significantly and in multiple ways. With this, the upcoming Justice League movie only be the first step towards establishing what could very well be the biggest film franchise ever seen in recent film history.

[Featured Image by Hussein Malla/AP Images]