'Alaskan Bush People': Ami Looking Good In New Photo Amid Cancer; Bam Bam Not Yet Married?

The Alaskan Bush People revealed last week that Ami Brown has cancer, confirming the rumors that have been circulating for weeks even before Season 7 kicked off. At the time of the filming, it was a stage 3 cancer, but reports say it has progressed to stage 4 already. With the show having about two months lag before the airdate, how is Ami doing right now?

A new photo posted on a Facebook fan page Matthew "Matt" Jeremiah Brown, shows Ami with Billy Brown. Ami looks good in the photo amid her battle with cancer. According to the post, the picture was taken a few days ago. Fans are hoping she would be able to get through the illness, saying that she is a strong woman.

The family has left the Alaskan wilderness to be closer to hospitals for Ami's medical needs. However, it was not clear where the family is right now. Previous reports indicated that the Browns are in Dolores, Colorado, which would allegedly be their new home. The youngest son, Noah, is reportedly getting married there with fiance Alisha Rhain. Meanwhile, Bam Bam and Gabe were recently spotted in Las Vegas, according to another fan page, Matt Brown fã page.



Speaking about Bam, a photo that was taken about two months ago was posted on a Facebook fan page for Bam, which shows Allison Kagan and Ami Brown. The captions mentioned Allison as his girlfriend, which piqued fans' curiosity about whether Bam Bam has not married her yet. Bam left the Alaskan Bush People reality show and Browntown in late 2016 to follow his heart as he said he fell head over heels in love with a city girl, per People. There were speculations that they already tied the knot, as Bam expressed his intention to do so.

"I hope we can blend our lives together and I can take her back to Alaska."
At the time that Bam left Browntown, the identity of the girl he fell in love with was kept secret, but rumors have been floating that she's Allison, a producer for the Alaskan Bush People.


As shown in last week's episode of Alaskan Bush People, Bam reunited with his family in Los Angeles after learning about Ami's cancer. "Once we got the call that it was cancer, part of me just, like, wanted to run away," the second-eldest son said, "But stronger than that was the emotion to get here and to see mom and do whatever I could to be moral support to everyone."

Their father, Billy, was pleased that his son returned. "Having Bam here, it helps me, personally, a lot. With Bam, I can have deep one-on-one type conversations," he said in the Alaskan Bush People episode.


Alaskan Bush People Season 7 airs every Wednesday at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

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