Kristen Stewart Not Cheating On Stella Maxwell With Alicia Cargile, Despite Report [Debunked]

Has Kristen Stewart been seeing her ex Alicia Cargile behind current girlfriend Stella Maxwell's back. That's the claim being made by The National Enquirer. But Gossip Cop is on the case and they're saying that the story is a flat-out lie.

According to The Enquirer, Kristen has been caught "double dipping" on her girlfriend, citing an anonymous insider source.

"Just weeks after setting up house with Victoria's Secret model Stella Maxwell, the Twilight vamp was caught sneaking around with ex-gal pal Alicia.."
Gossip Cop says they've been told by their source that there's no truth to the claim that Kristen was "sneaking out." Stewart and Alicia hang out from time to time but Stella is aware of it. In other words, they have her blessing. Their source admits that Alicia and Kristen have ended up together when Kristen's other relationships broke off but that's not the case with Maxwell. They're currently happy together.

"[The model] and Kirsten have a good thing… They're two peas in a pod," the insider told Gossip Cop.

The Enquirer wasn't the only publication that ran the story about Stewart's supposed infidelity. As Gossip Cop notes, Star ran the story as well with the same angle i.e. that Kristen was meeting Alicia Cargile behind Stella's back. But again, their source maintains that the story is short on truth. Given The National Enquirer's spotty reputation with the celebrity, Gossip Cop's story seems way more credible.

The cheating rumors also don't hold up when you check out how in sync Kristen and Stella seem to be.

As Teen Vogue reports, Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell were recently seen wearing matching outfits as they caught a flight out of LAX. They both wore matching dark jeans with rips at the knees along with black sneakers and sunglasses. Wearing coordinated outfits appears to be their "thing" As Teen Vogue notes, they've been seen wearing very similar clothes before. In April, they were spotted wearing matching vans, tube socks, crop tops, and shorts and in June they were seen wearing matching white shirts with jeans.

Do you think that Kristen Stewart is cheating on Stella Maxwell with her ex? What do you think of their matching outfits? Let us know in the comments below.


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