'The Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Reveals She Had A 'Gut-Wrenching Breakdown' Before Hometown Dates

The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is just one week away from picking her final four guys for hometown dates. In her People magazine blog, the Dallas attorney shares that fans will see her have a "gut-wrenching breakdown" when she sends two of her remaining six guys home during the Episode 7 dates (July 10) in Switzerland.

Her dates in Switzerland were taped at the end of April, but Rachel hasn't forgotten how difficult the decision was that she had to make during the Episode 7 dates. Although she tells Entertainment Tonight that she is "very much in love" and happily engaged, dumping two of the final six guys wasn't easy.

Warning: The Bachelorette Season 31 spoilers ahead.

In her People blog, Rachel says she is "ready to shake things up" in Switzerland, with three one-on-one dates and a group dates to look forward to. And who can blame her for wanting to have fun after the Kenny vs. Lee drama that took place in Copenhagen on Episode 6?

However, the guys who remain — Adam, Bryan, Matt, Eric, Peter, and Dean — will really have to impress Rachel. She states that she will only have four roses to hand out there won't be a rose ceremony. Instead, she will hand the roses out during the dates and explains that the roses will take her "to the men's hometowns."

Rachel says the decisions she had to make as far as who stays and who goes caused her to have "a breakdown" like she has "never had before." Her emotions were at an "all-time high" and sending two men home was "gut-wrenching" for the Bachelorette star.

If Reality Steve's spoilers are correct, the two guys Rachel will eliminate on Episode 7 are Adam and Matt. Although it's understandable that the process of sending guys home this late in the season is emotional, both Matt and Adam flew under the radar all season. It will be interesting to see why eliminating two contestants who didn't seem to have a connection with Rachel was so "gut-wrenching."

That aside, it shouldn't be a big shocker for Bachelorette fans to see Bryan, Peter, Dean, and Eric as Rachel's final four guys. All four have had frontrunner status throughout the season.

Watch the Bachelorette Episode 7 at 8 p.m. ET on Monday, July 10. If you missed Episode 6 last week, ABC will rebroadcast the episode on Monday, July 3 on ABC.

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