‘Big Brother 19’ Recap: Spoilers From July 2 Episode Include Surprise Eviction, ‘BB19’ House Turmoil

This July 2 Big Brother 19 recap comes from the Sunday evening episode. The BB19 cast went through a lot of chaos during their first week in the house and it was time for the CBS audience to catch up to the live feed subscribers. While there were a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers getting posted to social media, this latest episode finally presented some context for all the drama taking place. The third episode of the season aired on CBS on Sunday, July 2 at 8 p.m. PT/ET.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cameron Heard was evicted on Day 1, when a temptation took place that put former houseguest Paul Abrahamian back in the game. Cody Nickson won the first Head of Household competition, giving him the chance to name the first nominees for eviction this season. Cody nominated Megan Lowder and Jillian Parker for eviction. Some drama also took place between Josh Martinez and Megan, when Josh began verbally attacking Megan and dishing out insults in front of the entire house.

Back to the July 2 Big Brother 19 recap, with the episode summarizing the events from the first two episodes and then showing the aftermath of the Nomination Ceremony. Megan Lowder spoke in the Diary Room about the personal attack Cody made during the nominations and how Josh had gone after her with several verbal attacks. Then there was a lot of focus on possible showmances that included Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf, Elena Davies and Mark Jansen, and Matt Clines and Raven Walton. Is this the summer of showmances?

After the first commercial break, it was time to announce the Have Nots for the week. Cody had to select five people to go on slop and live in the uncomfortable bedroom with cold showers. Josh Martinez, Ramses Soto, Megan Lowder, Jillian Parker, and Paul Abrahamian volunteered for the punishment.

The beds have spikes on them under the mattresses, making for a very rough night’s sleep. The first Have Not who went to ask for a key from production could open one of two locked boxes to save them from the punishment. One box had freedom in it and the other one had an extended stay in the room attached to it. Paul decided to take the risk and opened the right box. He is now off slop and out of that room. Once they showed off the Have Not rooms, it was time for the show to go to the backyard and address a lot of the Big Brother 19 rumors.

Jessica Graf was speaking and referred to Alex Ow as “Pao Pao” when referencing her, but Megan Lowder heard it as “Panda” and went to tell Alex. Alex confronted Jessica about it, who said that Megan was lying, causing Alex to go on a tirade about the situation. Alex eventually confronted Megan, who was sure she had heard “Panda” come from Jessica, causing her to defend what she thought she heard. This turned Alex against Megan, alienating one of her alliance members.

That whole situation, coupled with the constant verbal attacks that Josh Martinez had made against Megan, created a scenario that will likely dominate this July 2 Big Brother 19 recap. A short while later, producers gave HOH Cody Nickson a note to read to the rest of the BB19 cast. It revealed that Megan Lowder had self-evicted (voluntarily left the game) and that Cody would have to name a replacement nominee. Immediately, Jillian Parker was worried that one of her alliance members was about to join her on the block. She was right.

The Den of Temptation finally made its first appearance in the BB19 house. Each houseguest entered the room to read a note prepared for them, but only the player selected by America was given the temptation. It was Paul Abrahamian who received the temptation this week and he took the offer when he entered the room. He took the risk and was awarded the Pendant of Protection, which gives him three weeks of immunity from being nominated or evicted. Paul also had to randomly select someone to be cursed, meaning he won’t know who gets the consequence.

To close out the Sunday episode, it was time to name a nominee to replace Megan Lowder on the block. Cody Nickson did go with one of Jillian Parker’s alliance members, putting Alex Ow on the block beside her. It was very clear that Cody was doing this with some strategy in mind, though, as he indicated several times on Diary Room videos that he wanted to keep Alex inside the BB19 house. Now Alex and Jillian will have to hope for some success in the Veto Competition in order to secure safety for the week.

This brings an end to the July 2 Big Brother 19 recap, but a lot has taken place in the BB19 house since Alex Ow was nominated and Paul Abrahamian received the Pendant of Protection. For readers who want to take a look at the most updated list of Big Brother 19 spoilers, here is a link to an article on Inquisitr that covers it all.

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