Date Of Trump’s U.K. Visit Is ‘Being Kept Secret To Avoid Protests’

President Donald Trump will likely renew plans to visit the U.K. this month, after previous travel plans were scrapped due to concerns over protests. But according to a report from The Independent, if Trump does visit the U.K., the date thereof will be kept secret in order to avoid protests.

According to the report, U.K. government officials have been put on 24-hour alert for a visit from Trump, as the White House does not intend to confirm his visit any more than 24 hours in advance. One White House source told reporters that while there is an opportunity for Trump to stop by the U.K. while en-route to France to celebrate Bastille Day on July 14, it will “likely be hastily arranged” and no confirmation will be forthcoming until the visit is already in motion to prevent large-scale protests against his visit from being mobilized.

Westminster, the seat of the U.K. government, reported that they had no formal requests for a visit from Trump, but that he is expected to stop by one of his golf courses in Scotland while en-route, and that he may request a visit with Prime Minister Theresa May while he is there. Trump’s visit to the Scotland golf course itself is also likely to be controversial, as his first Scotland golf course was opened against a battle with locals and was met with heavy protests. He now owns two golf courses in the country, and the locals are not fond of the president. During Trump’s most recent trip to Scotland while on the campaign trail, protesters flew Mexican flags outside of his golf resort.

Trump also wrote 16 letters to First Minster Nicola Sturgeon complaining about wind turbines being built within sight of the course.

On the other hand, Trump definitely had the anti-wind-turbine lobby on his side.

In any case, the word from sources within both the U.S. and U.K. governments is that the British will likely see a visit from Trump sometime this month, but that it will be brief and kept firmly under the radar so that the president may avoid protests being organized against his presence in the United Kingdom.

According to The Evening Standard, protesters are also “on standby” for street demonstrations pending his visit. Owen Jones, co-founder of activist group Stop Trump Coalition, said that “Donald Trump is so cowardly he thinks he can sneak into the country to avoid protests.”

“We have to prove him wrong. We’re asking Britain to be on standby to take to the streets with just hours-notice if necessary. Let’s not allow the arrival of a misogynist, a racist, a bigot, and a threat to peace be unchallenged.”

Protesters against a Trump visit to the UK demonstrated en masse in London last February, and certainly influenced his altered plans.

Other charities and activist groups echoed Jones’ sentiments.

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