'Narcos' Season 3 Coming To Netflix Late 2017: Possible Release Date And Things To Expect

If you are a fan of Narcos, you have probably binge-watched Netflix series El Chapo Season 1, which is currently available. There is good news and bad news. The good news is that El Chapo Season 2 and Narcos Season 3 will come to Netflix later this year.

El Chapo Season 2 has a Netflix release date in September and Narcos Season 3 is expected around the same month or August.

Wagnar Moura will not be returning as Pablo Escobar, and the Netflix hit series has already been renewed for Season 3 and Season 4. While Netflix has not given much away about the upcoming season, we know that it will focus on the Cali Cartel, who took over the drug business after Pablo Escobar's reign.

Most of the head figures in the drug cartel have already been introduced in the series. Damian Alcazar will portray Cali drug lord Gilberto Rodriguez, with Francisco Denis playing his brother Miguel and Pacho Herrera as Alberto Ammann. They have been introduced to the series already, but they will play a more central role in the upcoming season of Narcos.

A new cast member will play the fourth Cali Cartel head honcho Chepe, who is reportedly an interesting character and make a splash in the popular series.

Netflix has not given much away about Season 3. There has only been a teaser trailer confirming the transition from Pablo Escobar to the Cali Cartel. Narcos Season 3 started filming around October last year. It is likely that production has been wrapped up and a release date will be announced soon.
Pedro Pascal talked about the upcoming season with Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year. He says that the Cali Cartel were wealthier than Pablo, but he did not give much away about what fans can expect.
Due to the Cali Cartel's lack of popularity, the next season will have more unexpected turns as most people were familiar with Pablo Escobar before Narcos was released.

If you are a fan of Narcos, you will likely enjoy El Chapo Season 1. The Narcos showrunner has hinted at the series documenting El Chapo's rise as a drug lord. Will the El Chapo series get in the way of their plans? That is yet to be determined.

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