NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Want To Sign Danilo Gallinari, So Do Boston Celtics

NBA rumors have the Los Angeles Clippers trying to sign Danilo Gallinari. The Boston Celtics also want Gallinari and fans shouldn't rule out the Denver Nuggets making an offer if the team misses out on Paul Millsap. That's a lot of information that NBA analyst David Aldridge packed into a report from Sunday afternoon (July 2). Aldridge also confirms that the Clippers are meeting with Gallinari on Sunday evening to discuss a contract.

The Los Angeles Clippers are still trying to recover from losing Chris Paul to the Houston Rockets and J.J. Redick to the Philadelphia 76ers, so singing a good wing player like Danilo Gallinari would make a lot of sense. The front office is going to have to impress Gallinari on Sunday evening and convince him that the franchise is still a contending team after losing one of the best point guards in the league. Otherwise, the NBA rumors of Gallinari heading to the Boston Celtics might come true.

The Denver Nuggets and several other NBA teams also have an outside chance at signing Gallinari, though the teams may not be willing to offer him the same type of long-term deal expected to come from the Los Angeles Clippers or Boston Celtics. It's always possible that a new team could also emerge in contract negotiations, but it has become very clear that the Clippers are going to press hard to acquire Gallinari since the roster needs another good shooter.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, J.J. Redick decided to sign a one-year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers. Ideally, the Los Angeles Clippers would have liked to keep Redick on the roster, but the contract extension to Blake Griffin in combination with the max offer that DeAndre Jordan got during the last NBA offseason made that impossible. The Clippers also spent too much time trying to get Chris Paul to re-sign and didn't make an effort to convince Redick he should stay with the franchise.There are also some NBA trade rumors about what could take place between the Los Angeles Clippers and Denver Nuggets. If the Clippers can't come to terms on a free agent deal with Danilo Gallinari, the front office could look to work out a sign-and-trade deal with the Nuggets. This would allow Gallinari to get a larger salary, possibly making his relocation to Los Angeles a bit more amiable. These are considered fluid NBA rumors, as the situation is expected to shift before the day is done.

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