'iZombie' Season 4 Spoilers: EP Reveals What The Future Is Like For Liv-Major Romance

iZombie's Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) have always had a complicated relationship since the beginning of the show. Many have wondered when this romance will get back on track considering Major had become a zombie again and that the series is moving on to Season 4.

Major has been crossing between two species, human and zombie, and the character should understand what it's like to become the undead. When he turned into one in iZombie Season 1, fans thought that he and Liv would finally have the chance to become happy together.

However, the formerly engaged couple just couldn't make it work. Since then, Liv has been dating different guys and Major had his own fling. While Major has been through the transformation several times, there is still that lingering question of whether or not he and Liv will end up together. iZombie executive producer Rob Thomas recently shared spoilers about what's to come in Season 4, particularly on how the events from the finale will affect the Liv-Major romance.

When asked about the possible romantic reunion of Liv and Major, Thomas gives Liv-Major shippers hope by telling Entertainment Weekly that the relationship is not entirely doomed because they clearly "would do anything for each other at any time."

iZombie's Robert Buckley plays Major, former love interest of Liv
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However, their political beliefs are what separate them and it would be a continuing issue if they force to rekindle their romance.

"Major has found a home in Fillmore-Graves and Liv becomes in increasingly disenchanted with how Fillmore-Graves is run and what they are decreeing and how they manage the city. That is going to put them at increasing odds."
Thomas further explained that Major's new job at Fillmore-Graves will be that one topic that will ruin a potential romance. He said the same thing in an interview with TVLine, but put it in a different analogy.
"This new version of Seattle is like Israel, the humans are Palestinians, and that Major is lining up sort of in the [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu camp, and Liv can't quite deal with it.
Liv and Major won't rekindle romance anytime soon in iZombe season 4
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Still, Thomas' statement didn't mean that Liv and Major will always have something to fight about as iZombie moves on to Season 4. The EP assures fans that Liv and Major will still show affection for each other and they can still manage to joke around each other and have fun. This great moment, however, could easily turn sour when their political beliefs get in the way.

Rose McIver had previously shared how her character and Major won't be rekindling their romance anytime soon during an interview with Yahoo TVprior to iZombie Season 3's premiere. But if the New Zealand actress had to call the shots, she would want Liv and Major to end up together as she thinks they make a great tandem.

Are you one of the Liv-Major shippers who's been waiting for the couple to finally rekindle their romance? Should iZombie push for a Liv-Major happy ending or not? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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