Nevada Legal Weed Is Limited: Current Supply Runs Out For Recreational Marijuana Tourists In August

Nevada is known for being a popular tourist destination, but the state's legalization of recreational cannabis use has definitely sweetened the pot for some dispensary visitors on July 2, 2017. Sadly, this type of activity will not be the next big tourist attraction in Las Vegas for the rest of 2017 because the new recreational marijuana law in Nevada has a catch.

For now, legalizing marijuana on July 1, 2017, for recreational use in Nevada is a welcome idea because it is happening just in time for July 4th celebrations -- one of their biggest summer vacation tourist seasons in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Naturally, fans of recreational marijuana and legal weed for non-medical consumption are showing their excitement on Sunday, July 2, according to NBC News, as the big news about Nevada recreational weed takes hold, and tourists are still gathering at dispensaries to celebrate.

For many marijuana tourists, they visited Nevada specifically to celebrate the first day of legal recreational cannabis and were returning for a second time after initial celebrations on Saturday, July 1.

Unfortunately, this bevy of marijuana tourists may not be around for much longer because there are a limited number of dispensaries that have the Nevada recreational weed option, and they also have a limited supply.

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Nevada legal weed is here, but the supply is currently due to run out in less than six weeks. [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

For example, Business Insider reported on Friday, June 29, that Nevada recreational weed tourists were beginning to appear due to a change in the law that would mean recreational marijuana was legalized for sale on July 1 without needing medical authorization.

However, they also pointed out that it was already anticipated there would be a problem with Nevada recreational weed tourists finding what they were looking for in the long-term. Namely, Nevada recreational weed has been fully set up for the July 1 start date, and it is currently found in 37 retail outlets.

Nevertheless, the law is not written to imply that there will only be limited supply of recreational marijuana at Nevada dispensaries. Regardless, there is a legal loophole that says Nevada recreational marijuana is legal in Nevada, but they only have stock that will last for a few weeks because the distribution process has been thwarted.

Currently, it is estimated that the tourists coming to Nevada for recreational cannabis will have depleted the supply of marijuana as early as the first couple of weeks of August. After that, it is estimated recreational users in Nevada will not have a place to buy marijuana legally.

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Nevada's recreational cannabis laws rely on distributors, but the legal authorities claim these distributors are not ready to regularly perform their tasks as a go-between for growers and dispensaries [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

Las Vegas Review-Journal reported on June 29 that part of this issue is related to the current recreational marijuana laws in Nevada that give alcohol wholesalers special rights to deliver the legal cannabis from the grower to retailers. This distribution law makes Nevada unique from a legal perspective.

While this arrangement seems to work for lawmakers, a recent report from the Nevada government stated in an undefined way that the alcohol wholesalers were not ready to start distributing the recreational marijuana to dispensaries.

Although Nevada recreational weed advocates projected up to 60% of their sales would be sold to tourists, the idea that millions will flock to the state for legal recreational cannabis might be stalled in 2017.

Along with Nevada, recreational marijuana has been legalized in seven other states as well as the District of Columbia.

[Feature Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]