FA Dion Waiters In Contract Talks With The Chicago Bulls, Among Others

Miami Heat free agent Dion Waiters has plenty options. It appears that one of those options is the Chicago Bulls. Could the Bulls, despite undergoing a full rebuild of their franchise, sign one of the most underrated NBA free agents on the market?

According to the website Clutch Points, the Chicago Bulls join the New York Knicks and Sacramento Kings as potential suitors for Dion Waiters. The talented guard is looking to find a landing spot where a team is offering some security. Waiters could look to latch onto a team by the end of the weekend.

Waiters had a strong showing with the Miami Heat, who have not shut the door on bringing him back. Waiters and the Heat have talked about a deal, according to the Sun-Sentinel. When Waiters was healthy, the Heat were in the hunt for an improbable playoff spot. In 48 games, Waiters put 15.8 points and 4.3 assists as the Heat's starting shooting guard.

His shot was once considered a problem which showed some considerable improvement with the Miami Heat. His 50.7 percent is evidence of his true shooting. While he still has a way to go as a shooter, the steps he took last season was promising.

Last season, the issue Dion Waiters had was health. He only appeared in 12 ballgames after the NBA all-star break.

Can Dion Waiters stay healthy and become consistent? That has to be the premise of any team's conversations once negotiations begin. Dion Waiters being a hidden gem could the back in of the Chicago Bulls' minds.

Despite trading (courtesy of NBA.com) Jimmy Butler for Zach LaVine and Kris Dunn, the Chicago Bulls need at least one more guard. The qualities that the Bulls are looking for in a guard is one who can shoot. Dion Waiters fits the bill in that regard.

Last season, Waiters made over 39 percent of his three-pointers. It is a trait that the Bulls would love to have. Unfortunately, there are two potential things that could be considered as stumbling blocks -- contract terms and the Bulls having a team that is too good.

No one knows if the Bulls are ready to commit to a player long-term, as it may hurt their future cap flexibility. Waiters could command somewhere near $65 million in NBA free agency. A three-year deal, with an option for the fourth year, might be what the Bulls may prefer. Even a two-year deal with the third season as an option could be the Bulls' desire.

Dion Waiters erupts after hitting a three-point shot.
If the Chicago Bulls did sign Dion Waiters, they might be too good to maximize on a top lottery pick next season. [Image by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images]

If the plan for the Chicago Bulls is to try and get one of the top picks in next year's NBA draft, it would be better if they were not good enough to win. Potentially adding Dion Waiters might make the Chicago Bulls respectable enough to reel off 30-35 victories. If that were to happen, it would hurt the Bulls' chances for a top three draft pick.

It could also be in the Bulls' best interest to be competitive while rebuilding. Doing so allows the Bulls to attract future NBA free agents. It also would speed up the rebuilding process considerably. With the right moves and the proper development, the Chicago Bulls could be where the Miami Heat are next year.

Will Dion Waiters join the Chicago Bulls' rebuild to expedite things?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]