Dying Woman's Dream Of Seeing Adele Ruined After Her Remaining Shows Got Canceled

A dying woman's dream of seeing Adele perform live has been ruined after the singer canceled her remaining shows after experiencing problems with her vocal cords. Lisa Middlecote, who is terminally ill with cancer, was given VIP tickets to Adele's Wembley show by a kind builder named Liam Walsh. Lisa had initially spent £440 from her disability allowance to buy two tickets to the show, only to realize that it was an online scam. After her story was made public, Liam Walsh stepped in and gave her his own VIP tickets to the show.

But alas for Lisa, Adele has canceled her last two shows. Lisa wanted to see the show with her sister, Justine Nield. Neild says that Lisa was "utterly gutted" by the news of the cancellation, the Sun reports.

"I just can't believe it - it just seems we are jinxed."
Lisa suffers from small cell lung cancer, a form of lung cancer that spreads quicker than the other forms. She was ecstatic when Liam offered her his VIP tickets. The 49-year-old mother of two had called the experience dumbfounding.
"I've got a smile from ear-to-ear, unbelievable, unbelievable. It's absolutely colossal, I can't believe there are such kind people out there. I'm completely dumbfounded, it's absolutely amazing."
The VIP tickets that Liam Walsh had offered Lisa came with luxury seating at the exclusive Bobby Moore club, an evening meal, full pre-concert drinks including champagne and access to the after-party, where Lisa would have had the chance to meet Adele. Justine says that Lisa has only months to live, and with Adele saying that she might never perform again, and move to the United States, Lisa may never get to fulfill her dying wish.

Adele Show cancelled
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There have been mixed reactions from fans regarding the cancellation of Adele's last two shows. Many fans seemed furious about the fact that they had already invested hundreds of nonrefundable dollars on hotel rooms and train tickets, with some losing as much as £250 even after receiving refunds for their tickets. This one tweet from a fan summarizes the backlash Adele is currently facing after canceling the Wembley shows:

"Is she going to pay for all the people who bought train tickets and hotels? She's made millions out of her fans so she should!"
Even though the problem with her vocal cords isn't something under her control, her fans feel that it is within her means to compensate them for the money they are about to lose after waiting for months to see her perform.

But not all fans have been harsh on the songstress. Many have been sympathetic to her problem, with some fans even gathering outside the planned venue and singing for their icon.

" even if you can not sing, it's us, your fans outside the stadium singing for you. and we thank you for everything! ♡"
Before canceling her last two shows at Wembley, Adele had already done two shows at the venue on Wednesday and Thursday. She called these shows the biggest and best shows of her life. However, she was forced to cancel the remaining two shows, saying that she had experienced increasing difficulties during those last two performances.

The 29-year-old singer wrote that she was heartbroken by this decision and asked her fans to forgive her. Here is the full announcement from the singer:

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