Royal Prank Nurse Left Suicide Note For Family [Report]

A reported suicide note was left by the nurse who answered the royal prank call from Australian DJs at 2Day FM. The note is said to have been addressed to the nurse’s husband and two children.

British media outlets have started to report the existence of the suicide note left by Jacintha Saldanha, who allegedly left the note for her husband before taking her own life, reports Yahoo! News.

The note’s contents have not been released, though they would help shed light on why the nurse passed away. The revelation also comes on the same day that 2Day FM’s owner, Austero, announced they will resume advertising for the show and donate more than $500,000 to the nurse’s family.

Southern Cross Austero CEO Rhys Holleran stated of the death, which is believed to have been related to the royal prank:

“We are very sorry for what has happened. It is a terrible tragedy and our thoughts continue to be with the [Saldanha] family. We hope that by contributing to a memorial fund we can help to provide the Saldanha family with the support they need at this very difficult time.”

The Daily Mail notes that Saldhana died in a suspected suicide on Friday after she gave out intimate information regarding Kate Middleton’s health to the two DJs making a hoax call. The DJs have been taken off the air indefinitely and are devastated by Saldanha’s death.

An autopsy on Jacintha Saldanha started on Tuesday to determine how exactly she passed away. There is no information on whether the royal hoax nurse’s reported suicide note will be released to the public.