Groom Busted For Driving 100 MPH To His Own Wedding

Portage, IN – A man who was late to his own wedding was pulled over by police for driving at speeds close to 100 mph, according to The Associated Press.

Timothy N. Thompson was running a little late to his wedding over the weekend. In order to make up for lost time, he decided to put the pedal to the proverbial metal. As a result, the groom found himself tossed behind bars.

Police followed the 23-year-old speeder to Our Savior Catholic Church on Saturday evening. After arriving at the church around 7 pm, Thompson did a “doughnut” in the parking lot as relatives looked on. Officers moved in as soon as the groom stepped out of his Jeep.

Thompson explained to police that he believe he was doing “around 90” during his erratic and dangerous adventure to the altar. He also told authorities he honked his horn and turned on his emergency flashers in order to make other drivers aware of his haste.

When officers stepped away from his vehicle, Thompson hopped back in the Jeep and made a dash for the church entrance. Unfortunately for the groom, police stopped him once again.

“Oh, I thought you were done and I’m late for a party in Chicago,” Thompson told police. “It now means I have to drive really fast to get there.”

Yahoo! News reports that Thompson was released from jail less than 24 hours prior to his engagement at the church. Instead of allowing the husband-to-be to tie the knot, officers decided to take the suspect back to the slammer. He is currently being held without bond.

Of course, this Indiana groom isn’t the only individual who has attempted to push the speedometer into triple digits this winter. The Inquisitr previously reported that Florida resident Melissa Miller was arrested for driving 100 mph in a 35 mph zone. Her excuse: The Lord was telling her to do it.