English Teacher Is ‘Fifty Shades Of Fired’ For Self-Published Erotic Novel ‘Schooled’

An English teacher at North Canton Hoover High School is in deep trouble. She didn’t sleep with a pupil or help her class cheat on exams. Her crime? Writing Fifty Shades of Grey (teacher’s edition) and publishing it on Amazon.

Carol Ann Eastman (or “Deena Bright” on the cover of Schooled) has been placed on a three-week “administrative leave” for penning a smutty mom-porn novel. Though she didn’t break any laws and the teacher’s union supports her, a rep said that he was “very disappointed” to find that Eastman had penned the novel in her spare time and put it up on Amazon.com.

Schooled is described as “Chelsea Handler MEETS Fifty Shades of Grey” and has a ton of four-and-five-star ratings on Amazon. The readers, likely all of the “overworked, underappreciated wives, mothers, and teachers out there” that the book is dedicated to, seem to love the erotic school-themed novel, which is available for download for Kindle, Nook, etc. for $2.99.

So how did Eastman/Bright get busted? The details are unclear, but Gather reports that she wrote the novel on a school computer, which violates school policy of using resources for “social networking of a personal nature.” The union president who admitted his disappointment above said that the district tried to get her to resign, but she’s fighting for her job instead. He said that he has “spent his life trying to show that teachers are special and have integrity. ‘Something like this throws a wrench into that perception.’ “

The book is about a school teacher that gets revenge on her fidelity-challenged husband by having an affair with two former students.

In the book, Eastman also included a fun “special note” in her acknowledgements:

“Dear My School District: I love my teaching job. I love raising my kids here, being a part of this close-knit and outstanding community. I am proud to be here, honored and humbled to be a part of this district. Please don’t fire me! I’ve never slept with a student, not even remotely close. I love my students: they’re my kids, nothing more.”

We’re leaving you to your prejudices on this one. You can read a sample of Eastman’s Schooledhere, as it is a bit too graphic to re-print here. Sound off! Should this teacher be fired for her Fifty Shades-esque erotic novel or no?