'General Hospital' Spoilers: Michael And Nelle At Quartermaine Wedding-Will There Be Fireworks From Carly?

There is another General Hospital wedding coming up quickly as Ned Quartermaine is marrying Olivia Falconeri this month. However, the nuptials won't happen without some expected chaos going on beforehand. Spoilers suggest that there may be some trouble leading up to this joyous event. Will Carly Corinthos be one of them?

Michael Corinthos and Nelle Hayes are officially a couple, but they certainly won't have a stamp of approval from mama Corinthos. Carly is expected to attend the wedding since Olivia works for her at the hotel. Michael is also planning on bringing Nelle with him as his date. This will be their first official outing as a couple. There may be fireworks flying at the Quartermaine wedding when Carly catches sight of her son with the girl who tried to ruin her.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggests that someone else is out for revenge as well. Bobbie may be even angrier than Carly when she sees what is happening with her grandson. She has been trying to run Nelle out of town, despite the fact that Michael told his grandmother that he has feelings for her. Spoilers say that Bobbie will be on the warpath and will try to ruin Nelle.

How will she do that? Nelle has a new job at Crimson working for Nina Reeves, so Bobbie could possibly do something to sabotage her job. Or she may just do something to make Michael think twice about having a romance with her. Bobbie can be ruthless when she wants to be. Carly may also just team with up her mother in order to keep Nelle away from Michael. This may not end well at all.

General Hospital Carly
Will Carly flip her lid? [Image by Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock]

General Hospital spoilers for this week says that Michael will be giving his new girl a heads up. That probably means that he will warn her that his mother has caught wind of their relationship. Carly has had her hands full with Josslyn lately, and now that her eldest child is romancing her enemy, she may just flip her lid and make a scene at Ned and Olivia's wedding. Nelle better watch out because the wrath of the Spencer women can be quite fierce.

Are you a Michael and Nelle fan? Or would you rather see Carly and Bobbie run her out of town? Stay tuned to General Hospital to see if this couple will survive for long.

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