Are Kate Middleton And Prince William Work-Shy? Pair Are Defended For Quality, Than Quantity Of Charity Events

Over the past few years, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been nicknamed the unflattering "Prince Workshy," and "Duchess Do Little," by some members of the press. But, according to sources near Prince Harry, their charity work should not be compared in the same way as their parents, or other royals, as they are more interested in quality work, instead of just being royal "celebrities."

When Newsweek recently followed Prince Harry around, they were given unprecedented access to the late Princess Diana's younger son. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Harry made the shocking claim that he did not want to be king, nor did the second in line, Prince William. Yet, Harry also revealed that some of the magic of being a royal was the ability to help others and that he, Prince William, and Duchess Catherine are focused on a few handpicked charities.

The two sons of the late, great Princess Diana may have taken her lead on focusing on a few select charities and really making an impact. According to an unnamed source close to Prince Harry, the royals want to take their time finding or creating charities that fit their specific philanthropic goals and really help that specific organization. They don't just want to come into a room, smile and wave, and then move on to the next charity, without getting personally involved.

"They want instead to concentrate on specific charities that they research thoroughly first and then get involved in on a regular basis. The one thing they don't want is to be seen as a group of celebrities."
When Kate, William, and Harry founded Heads Together, they clearly spent a lot of time promoting the organization. This included going out of their way to express their own personal turmoil and reflections after they lost their beloved mother Princess Diana. It is unprecedented that any royal speaks so openly about feelings--that is, except for Diana herself. She was an open book of emotions, from expressing her personal anguish about the details of her failed marriage, to lovingly comforting those who suffered from AIDS, or those who lost limbs to land mines.

Clearly, Diana's modern approach to raising a young royal, or endorsing charities, are the life blueprints for William, Harry, and Kate. Diana knew early on that her celebrity status could affect change, and her children realize this as well. As Harry explains, the British government "has the money," and they, the royals, "have the voice." The combination is very effective for positive change in this world.

Yet, these charities take much more time and effort to cultivate and much of this is behind the scenes. For example, mission statements, events, and other publications cannot be created without a lot of consultation, and those hours are not easily measured as "working hours" for a royal by the casual observer. Yet, the young royals are still dealing with the old-fashioned perception of what makes a royal lazy or hard working.

For example, on the official Facebook page of the royal family, there was a post on June 29 that lauded all of the charities that Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla participated in. The post also shared a video of the future King of England's accomplishments. While these are wonderful, it is hard to compare apples to apples, Prince Charles' work schedule to that of his two sons.
"In case you missed it earlier this week, did you know that The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall carried out 629 engagements within the last year?

"From supporting young people through The Prince's Trust, to raising awareness of climate change and the importance of sustainable farming, here is a summary of TRH's year."

Then, there is Princess Anne, whose energy and time is dedicated to visiting an incredible amount of charities. The Princess Royale is surely working hard, but is her version of working royal, showing up and waving, now going to be a thing of the past?

From their engagement to their most recent school decision for Prince George, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have proven that they are not going to go the typical, old school, royal route, but instead, forge their own modern path. Prince Harry is very firm in his belief that the trio is more than royal celebrities. Harry appears to want to destroy the "work-shy" image, as he explains that they are people, who happen to have a royal pedigree who want to be fully engaged in whatever they are doing.
"We use our time wisely. We don't want to turn up, shake hands but not get involved."
What are your thoughts about Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton? Do you think they are deserving of the "work-shy" label, or do they deserve more credit for their more involved approach to charities?

[Featured Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]