'My 600-lb Life' Michael Update: Michael Is Looking Great, Eating Healthy And Enjoying Family Life

Michael Dominguez is among the most memorable patients ever featured in My 600-lb Life. During the course of his featured episode in the hit reality TV series, the father of two from Glendale, Arizona, was not just dealing with is weight. He was also dealing with the threat of his wife leaving him if he does not get his life together. As could be seen in his latest Facebook posts, however, it seems like Michael was able to safeguard his health and his family life in one go.

When Michael was featured in My 600-lb Life, his weight was so out of control that he was wholly dependent on his family and practically helpless against his addiction to food. At one point in the episode, the father of two even hid some snacks in the couch, just so he could eat them when no one was looking, according to a report from the Daily Mail. Apart from this, he was also stuck in a wheelchair most of the time, as standing up and moving around was something that was already difficult for him.

Opening up on his episode, Michael told the cameras that his weight spiraled out of control when he was very young. Born into a family with an incredibly strict father, Michael ended up lashing out by eating massive amounts of unhealthy food. By the time he was 14, he already weighed more than 300 pounds.


"I wanted to take all my fear and just eat, but he wouldn't let me, and the way I grew up, I couldn't show emotions. Any emotion was a sign of weakness, so I didn't know how to deal with that.

"I just bottled up everything inside of me, and then when I felt any kind of pain, any kind of hurt, I ate because it made me feel good."

What really got the attention of numerous viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show, however, was the fact that his wife, Roni, eventually threatened to leave him if he could not get his life together. Even when Michael decided to move his family to Texas in order to get closer to Dr. Now, his wife was still depicted as unhappy, complaining about numerous things, such as the house that they were supposed to settle in.

Michael's episode ended on a high note, however, since he was able to lose enough weight to qualify for gastric bypass surgery, losing 101 pounds in a couple of months. By the time his feature ended, he was almost 300 pounds lighter, and avid fans of the show were optimistic about his future.

Looking at Michael's official Facebook account, it appears that the My 600-lb Life star has indeed continued improving since he was last featured on the show. Based on the photos that he has uploaded over the past few months, it seems that he has lost even more weight, with many of his supporters and friends commenting on how healthy he appears to be.


Interestingly, Michael has also been posting numerous photos of his everyday meals. Unlike his usual meals when he was first featured on the hit reality TV show, Michael's current diet appears to consist of healthy, organic food. His improved diet, of course, could be a great factor in his further weight loss.

Lastly, his family seems to be even more close-knit than before. While his wife was depicted to be on the verge of leaving him during his initial feature in My 600-lb Life, Michael and his spouse appear to be as close as a married couple could be on the social media platform. Michael's Facebook feed, for one, is filled with Roni's messages of support, as well as positive comments on his updates.

Overall, it appears that Michael is doing quite well since appearing in TLC's hit reality series. After all, if his social media activity is any indication, it seems that the My 600-lb Life star is a few steps shy of fully retaking his life from morbid obesity.

[Featured Image by TLC]