'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Everyone Is Gunning For Josh, Cody & Jessica Get Freaky, And Alex Plans A Big Move?

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that the whole house is gunning for Josh Martinez. Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf appeared to have sex. Other Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Alex plans to blindside Cody next week, that is if he doesn't burn her first! Continue reading for all the juicy live feed spoilers for Saturday, July 1.

The Whole House Wants Josh Out!

According to Online Big Brother, Kevin Schlehuber meets with Jason Dent in the storage room, and they discuss Josh's position in the house. Kevin reveals that he plans to win the game and will not agree to go up on the block even as a pawn.

It seems the house all want Josh out, and if he doesn't win either head of household or power of veto next week, he will be gone. And, he has no idea that everyone is plotting against him.

Cody and Jessica Get Busy

Big Brother 19 spoilers suggested that Cody and Jessica had sex earlier in the head of the household room. There was "some action" under the covers, but Jessica appeared to be partially dressed. It wouldn't be a huge surprise to the fans to learn they officially had sex, as they have been all over each other for days.

Earlier in the day, Cody revealed his true feelings about the LGBTQ community, and it wasn't pretty. In a video shared on YouTube, Cody referred to transsexuals as having a mental illness, among several other derogatory remarks.

Paul Talks BB18

Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Paul Abrahamian believes that even if he had taken James Huling to the final two instead of Nicole Franzel, he still would have lost. He added that he was shocked that Davonne Rogers didn't vote for him to win Big Brother 18.

Abrahamian believes what cost him the win was his speech. And, he has no regrets because Nicole deserved the win and the money.

Alex Plans A Blindside

Right now, Cody believes that he can control Alex and that is his reason to keep her moving forward. Jessica isn't so trusting and said she doesn't think they shouldn't be so quick to work with Alex. And, as it turns out, Jessica's hunch is right.

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Alex is planning on getting Cody out the first chance she gets. She told Jillian Parker that she hopes to get a hold of the power next week to blindside the other side of the house.

Apparently, Cody told Alex that she is safe and to use the power of veto on Jillian. He convinced her that she has a better chance of staying in the house against Jason as opposed to Jillian. So the plan right now is for Alex to use the POV on Jillian and Cody will name Jason as the replacement nominee. He promised her that he would keep her safe.

Big Brother 19 fans, are you surprised by Cody's transphobic comments? Do you agree with Paul about BB18? Will Cody blindside Alex? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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