'NCIS' Season 15 Spoilers: Will McGee Meet His Baby? Mark Harmon's Gibbs Could Have A New Love Interest

NCIS Agents Gibbs and McGee's lives are in danger after their mission to Paraguay in the Season 14 finale. Now, fans are concerned for the two agents' safety and what their fate would be in Season 15, especially knowing that McGee left his pregnant wife, Delilah Fielding (Margo Harshman), back home.

It can be recalled that McGee (Sean Murray) and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) were trapped in Paraguay after the helicopter that was sent to evacuate them to safety left the area without them. Murray recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about his character and how he felt about the final episode.

"In the last episode that aired with the wedding and getting news about a baby coming, there's a lot there. Tim has a lot more responsibility that he has to think about. That plays in to the finale."
Knowing Gibbs and his experience, and McGee's intelligence, the two are expected to come out of the ordeal successfully. The two top agents will always find a way to make it out alive and fans should be able to see McGee reunited with his wife and future baby, reports state.

Gibbs is rumored to have a new love interest in NCIS Season 15
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While the plot for Season 15's premiere has not been revealed yet, it would still be interesting to see the action that transpires. Murray said in the interview that he believes -- although he's unsure of it -- that the next season will pick up moments later from the last scene of the previous season.

The NCIS family is in deeper trouble now as two agents are stuck in rebel territory. But back in the headquarters, the team will also have to deal with Alex Quinn's (Jennifer Esposito) departure. News of Esposito's exit from the series broke in early June. The actress has played the character for one season.

According to TVGuide, Alex Quinn's exit may be tied to the call she got from her mother in the Season 14 finale. That particular call may be used in Season 15 to explain why she had to say goodbye to the NCIS team.

NCIS Season 15 might or might not see McGee make it home to his baby
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While Esposito made an exit from NCIS, a new character is rumored to fill in the gap and will likely become Gibbs' new love interest in Season 15. This rumored character's name is said to be Reagan, a 40-something psychologist who won't hesitate to clash with team leader Gibbs, Showbiz 411 reported.

It's exciting to see Gibbs meet someone new who could be romantically linked to him, but this report has not been confirmed and should be taken with a grain of salt. Until then, fans will just have to wait for more updates on NCIS Season 15.

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