'American Horror Story' Alum Finds Show 'Less Cohesive' Than Other Horror Shows

With American Horror Story Season 7 just around the corner in late summer, there is one alumni actor that has been with the show since the beginning and has had a few choices words to say about it. As many may already know, the AHS family is a troupe of actors that find their roles changing every season and the challenges set forth with such change can be very daunting, to say the least.

For dedicated fans of American Horror Story, you know actor Denis O'Hare for a variety of roles that he has played on many seasons of the show. To date, O'Hare has been in five of the six American Horror Story seasons and he will also likely be featured in Season 7. Not only has O'Hare risen to the challenge, but he has also made the show unique for many different reasons.

But what some fans of American Horror Story may not know is that this is not his first swim in the waters of premium horror TV shows. No, that rodeo came earlier than most may remember, way back when True Blood was the biggest horror show on TV, or should we say HBO. On that series, he played the ruthless villain vampire Russell Edgington, who was over 3,000 years old and the strongest vampire alive with the power to rain hell over his adversaries.

More to the point, when Denis O'Hare was at an event in Portland, Heroes and Villains Fest, Cinema Blend caught up with the celebrated American Horror Story actor and got a quote from him in regard to his thoughts on both shows and how they compare.

"The vibe on True Blood is very different than [American] Horror Story," Denis O'Hare said. "True Blood was a very fun cast and a very fun set. [American] Horror Story is a little less cohesive in terms of a family, it doesn't really feel like a family. It's a harder workday, just because the material is a little more upsetting or challenging. It's hard to compare. All these shows feel different because they're shot in different places, the writing teams are different, the showrunners are different. It's kind of like comparing kids."

The cohesive familial vibe that Denis O'Hare may be referring to here on American Horror Story is that the show does not feature recurring characters, although they do sometimes have special crossover appearances by characters from previous seasons. That is expected to happen in Season 7 of American Horror Story.

In comparison to True Blood, Denis O'Hare enjoyed the luxury of reappearing as Russell Edgington in two different seasons of the show and as the main villain on each season that featured him.

It is unclear what his role will be in Season 7 of American Horror Story, but fans should be finding out at the beginning of September, which is the estimated premiere date for the show.

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