Impact Wrestling Official Explains How Global Force Wrestling Can Succeed Where TNA Failed

Sunday night, Impact Wrestling will hold the final pay-per-view in the company’s 15-year history with Slammiversary. Following that event, Anthem Sports will shutter Impact Wrestling and replace it with Global Force Wrestling, which they acquired from Jeff Jarrett last week. In an interview with the Buzzards Wrestling Podcast, Impact Wrestling official Bruce Prichard said he believes that GFW can succeed where Impact Wrestling failed.

Many old school WWE fans know Bruce Prichard from his days as Brother Love, the first manager for The Undertaker when he first arrived in the company. He worked for Impact Wrestling under Dixie Carter from 2010 until 2013 and left the company for four years.

Bruce Prichard’s Impact Wrestling History

While away, Prichard ripped Impact Wrestling in interviews and on “Nature Boy” Ric Flair’s old WOOOOO! Nation with Ric Flair podcast, saying they stole from him and didn’t have his back. Prichard said in that interview that Dixie Carter and her team didn’t understand the wrestling business and it turned out that a few years later, Carter lost her company.

When Anthem Sports purchased Impact Wrestling, the first thing that they did was remove most of Dixie Carter’s team and brought back founder Jeff Jarrett, who Carter had pushed out of the company. Jarrett hired Dutch Mantel (Zeb Colter from the WWE) and Bruce Prichard to work behind the scenes and gave Prichard an on-air role as well.

Anthem Sports bought Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling company last week and have announced that it will replace Impact Wrestling after Slammiversary on Sunday night. According to Bruce Prichard, there could be a bright future for Global Force Wrestling.

Impact Wrestling Official Explains How Global Force Wrestling Can Succeed Where TNA Failed

A Brand New Impact Wrestling

Prichard said that it is a completely different company now than it was when he was with Impact Wrestling before. With the new owners came a new direction and what Prichard calls a “new work attitude.” Bruce said that he was happy because he is in the business that he loves and he is doing what he loves now which makes it fun this time around.

When it comes to Impact Wrestling shutting down and Global Force Wrestling replacing it, Bruce Prichard said that with the new team and the talent, there is a real possibility that all the troubles that plagued Impact Wrestling over the years are behind the company now.

Impact Wrestling Official Explains How Global Force Wrestling Can Succeed Where TNA Failed

Impact Wrestling has a fresh talent roster that includes mainstays like James Storm and Abyss, recent superstars like Ethan Carter III and Bobby Lashley, and new stars like Alberto Del Rio and Moose. With the Global Force Wrestling takeover, it looks like Impact Wrestling is trying to rebrand itself and shake off the bad vibes from the past.

As far as Bruce Prichard believes, the future could be bright for the former TNA Impact Wrestling.

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