Trump Photographed In Bathroom With Instagram User At Trump National Golf Club In Bedminster, New Jersey

The days of tracking President Donald Trump via Instagram's geo-tagging location are here, as reported by the Inquisitr. With Melania, Barron, and Mr. Trump leaving the White House, headed to Bedminster, New Jersey, it was only a matter of time before Instagram users at the Trump National Golf club in Bedminster would be snapping photos of the president and tagging them with Trump club's location and uploading them to Instagram.

That's exactly what happened when the photo below. An Instagram user saw President Trump and snapped an image as the duo gave two thumbs up to the camera. What wasn't expected was that Instagram users would notice that the photo was taken in the bathroom, with a description attached to the photo proclaiming, "Making America Great Again!" The photo was uploaded to Instagram at approximately 4 p.m. ET on Saturday, July 1.

Comments on the photo call it a "yuge" and "legendary picture," with the bathroom location confusing at least one person who commented. However, the Instagram user replied that the bathroom was the only place he could get a photo with President Trump without getting "sniped," presumably meaning shot by Secret Service snipers. Update: The photo of President Trump has been removed from the Instagram user's page, or the page has gone private.

"Only place you could get one without getting sniped."
Other folks commenting on the photo proclaim that the photo of a smiling President Trump is "what the media doesn't want you to see," as others proclaim the photo is "pretty sweet." The Instagram user is gaining praise for capturing photos of other celebrities, too, like Jordan Spieth, a Wahlberg brother, and now President Trump. He's also being called an amazing hero. Others are asking the user more about President Trump, such as whether or not he drove his golf cart over any greens.
"Drive across any greens?"
Another asked the Instagram user if he played "10 10 20."
"You guys play 10 10 20?"
That's when he answered, "skins 100$ a hole."Others joked that they could put the presidency on the line of their golf game.
"Closest to the pin gets the presidency."

Yet and still, jokes and comments about "fake news" and "The Don" and other unprintable things joined observations on Instagram that President Trump looked a little sweaty in the photo.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]