July 1, 2017
'We're Gonna Try To Find It': Corey Feldman Rocks Out -- 'Til He Knocks His Front Tooth Out [Video]

A video of a recent performance given by actor-turned-musician Corey Feldman and his dolled-up band, The Angels, shows the singer giving his all and more to the audience, and his front tooth to the crowd in the front row.

The mouth-dropping incident was witnessed by Matt Wild, a writer for the Milwaukee Record, and a crowd of Feldman's followers the "Ascension Millennium" vocalist's show at Shank Hall in Green Bay on Thursday.

In the video clip, which was posted to social media by one of Corey's fans, Feldman is witnessed The Angels' performance, mid-song, after appearing to chip his tooth on his microphone.

"I smashed myself in the face and my tooth came out," a bewildered Feldman is heard telling the even-more bewildered audience about the reason for the sudden song pause.

"We're gonna try to find it," Feldman promised next, and as Queerty adds, Corey is indeed seen in the video putting "time and effort into locating the rogue tooth."

The crowd also looks on and around the stage floor in an effort to assist Corey's tooth retrieval.

The Milwaukee Record's Matt Wild went on to confirm the odd experience in a review of Corey's concert that was published on the website this past Thursday.

corey feldman tooth video
A video of actor Corey Feldman losing a tooth during a recent rock performance has gone viral. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

"Corey Feldman accidentally smashed himself in the mouth with a microphone and totally lost a tooth. And then he spent a good chunk of time looking for said tooth," Wild said of what occurs in the video, which has since gone viral.

"The GG Allin-style '#toothgate' occurred roughly 30 minutes into the show," Matt continued, "somewhere in the midst of a scorching take on the Dream A Little Dream track 'Something In Your Eyes'. I live-streamed the whole show, spending much [of my cellular] data in the process."

Unfortunately, Wild didn't appear to provide video of Feldman's entire concert, but there is video footage of Feldman saying goodbye to his tooth. Check it out below.

Queerty went on to mention that, eventually, a fan was able to spot Corey's loosened bicuspid and returned it to its rightful owner, who kept calm and reportedly rocked right on.
"A consummate professional, Feldman demonstrated the show must indeed go on by soldiering on with the show [after he lost his tooth]," Queerty explained.

No word if Corey Feldman's tooth was able to be reset in his mouth after the actions seen in the viral video.

[Featured Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images]