Kanye West New Album Details: Responding To Jay’s Diss Track?

Kanye West is getting back into album mode, especially after having heard what Jay Z said about him on his new album 4:44.

The music mogul openly calls out his good pal on the record “Kill JAY-Z,” where the father of three admits to giving Kanye West $20 million only to be disrespected in a 20-minute rant that occurred during his Saint Pablo tour back in November.

Fans will recall how Kanye West dissed Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce, for not reaching out to him or Kim Kardashian following the infamous Paris robbery ordeal.

West also ranted about how Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy had yet to meet North West, and that’s despite the fact that they often considered themselves to be just as close as family, TMZ reported at the time.

Regardless of the situation, Kanye West was apologetic for his actions, which eventually led him to suffer a mental breakdown and seek immediate medical treatment.

Although the duo has squashed their initial feud with one another, it seems as if Jay Z felt the need to let fans know how hurt he was by Kanye West’s actions to blast him in public when he has only ever tried to look out for the “Stronger” hitmaker.

Hollywood Life notes that Kanye is working on his forthcoming album, and despite the things that Jay mentioned in his song about giving West $20 million to only be disrespected in the long run, ‘Ye is not looking at that as a diss.

In fact, he’s just telling the truth.

But let it be known that Kanye West will want to share his side of the story.

“Kanye is working on new music as we speak so Jay should fully expect to be part of a track on Yeezy’s next album,” a source tells the celebrity gossip outlet.


The insider continues to stress that “sparks will fly,” but it will be pure entertainment and never personal.

Being in the mindset that he’s been in as of late, Kanye West feels the need to get some things off his chest, starting with his short-lived feud with Jay Z and what had led to their initial falling out.

It was rumored that Kim Kardashian coming in the picture reportedly strained the friendship Kanye West shared with Beyonce and Jay Z. A rep refused to comment about that being the potential cause for the initial falling out.

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It’s safe to say, however, that all has come full circle. Kanye and Jay are in a much better space right now.

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