Fake News Shared 20,921 Times On Facebook: Mass Grave Of Tortured Black Men Found In Dead KKK Leader’s Estate

The name of a very popular fake article, titled “Mass Grave Of Dozens Of Tortured Black Men Found In Deceased KKK Leaders Estate,” is currently showing up quite a bit on social media. As reported by Trendolizer, the article is receiving so many shares online that its trending graph is getting attention. The fake news is very shocking to some people who read it and believe it, and then share it on Facebook thousands of times with their own comments. A search for the article’s title on Facebook shows that the Jacksontelegraph.com article has received more than 21,000 shares since Friday.

However, in spite of the horrific claims that a mass grave of black men who had been tortured were discovered in the estate of a dead KKK leader, there was no mass grave of black men found in Jackson, Mississippi. There was no FBI spokesman named “Adrian Cartwright” who proclaimed on Thursday that a mass grave had been found. The photo used in the fake news report was from a mass grave in Mexico.

The same photo was found in a real article on Vice, published on May 31, 2016. That news report explained that a mass grave of bodies was found in Tetelcingo, Mexico, which is in the central state of Morelos. The mass grave was believed to be full of victims whose dead bodies were placed there by the government. Because of the way some of the bodies were allegedly dumped from the morgue, without ID, the bodies were exhumed.

The photos show forensic workers wearing white coveralls as they dug up at least 53 bodies initially. The exhumation of the mass grave in Mexico turned into a fake story by the fake news website, placing the grave in Jackson, Mississippi. With claims of the mass grave containing the bodies of black men that had body parts missing or had been shot to death, it’s no wonder the fake news went viral. The fake article went on to claim that a KKK leader named “Eldon Lee Edwards” owned the property in the 1940s and 1950s, and seems to elicit more horror by claiming that Eldon never faced charges for his crimes.

[Featured Image by Tony Rivera/AP Images]