A Man Wanted For Murder Turns Himself In At A Kentucky TV Station

A Man Wanted For Murder Turns Himself In At A Kentucky TV Station

Employees at a television station in Lexington, Kentucky got quite the surprise on Monday when a man wanted for murder walked into the studio lobby to turn himself in to the police.

According to NBC News, Brandon Lamont Bailey, 28, the main suspect in the shooting death of 22-year-old Anthony Logan, showed up at NBC’s LEX 18 station at approximately 10 am.

LEX 18 assignment manager Mike Taylor said that Bailey told LEX 18 station employees that he shot and killed Logan in self-defense after the two of them got into a fight.

Taylor said:

“He was calm, kind of teary-eyed. He kept telling us the story over and over and over, claiming it was self-defense.”

Taylor said that Bailey walked in and approached the station’s front desk receptionist, who placed a call to Taylor while Bailey sat on a couch in the ground floor lobby.

Taylor, shortly after, called the police.

When Taylor and the receptionist told Bailey that they had called the police, he said, “I’m fine with that.”

According to Taylor, before the police arrived, Bailey spoke with him and the receptionist for about ten minutes.

Taylor said:

“He seemed a little remorseful. We didn’t ask him why he [came to the station]. We basically just let him talk. It was a calm situation.”

The receptionist asked Bailey if he was carrying a weapon, but Bailey responded by saying that he did not have a gun on his person.

According to LEX 18, Bailey’s initial plan was to take a bus and hide out with family in Louisiana. However, other family members wound up convincing Bailey to turn himself in.

In a video recorded by LEX 18, Bailey tells the arresting officer his side of the story.

“If I was wrong, if I didn’t do nothing, I got my bus ticket in my pants. I was going to Baton Rouge, La. If I was wrong, if I killed that boy in cold blood, y’all wouldn’t have caught me. Y’all would have to kill me. Y’all would have to come and find me and all that other stuff.”

Bailey is currently in police custody for allegedly shooting and killing Logan on the evening of December 1 in front of Logan’s sister’s apartment. He has been charged with murder in connection with a warrant issued the day after the shooting.