Jay Z '4:44' Album: Rapper Cashing In On Twins' Birth Publicity, Beyonce Reportedly Calls It 'Genius' Strategy

Jay Z is set to make quite a fortune from his strategic decision to release his latest album 4:44 just two weeks after the birth of his twins, Rumi and Sir Carter.

According to Hollywood Life, Jay Z's wife, Beyonce, has described the move as a "genius" plan, considering the fact that so much attention was already surrounding them that it only made sense to drop the record at the same time.

Though Beyonce and Jay Z are known to be very private, sources reveal that the music mogul reportedly wanted to drop the album around the same time Bey was scheduled to give birth to avoid any further publicity for the remainder of the year.

Jay Z had been working on the album for well over a year, and instead of drawing more headlines and rumors to himself upon releasing the body of work, it made more sense for the 47-year-old to put it out following the birth of Sir and Rumi.

Again, it's a strategic move since Jay Z openly discusses cheating on Beyonce, along with having to come to his senses following the birth of Blue Ivy in 2012.

There are so many shocking things mentioned that putting the album out at this particular time seemed most convenient, especially from a financial point of view.

"They are very much a unit and Beyonce has input into every big decision. Beyonce fully supports him dropping this album right now. She's not all bothered by the timing, she thinks it's genius."
Now that the twins are here, had Jay Z waited another year or so to drop his new album, the timing would have been completely off.

To continuously bring up the cheating reports and doing Beyonce dirty would have been tiring for the rapper himself. So, what better way than to address the allegations once and for all and never talk about it again?

But, of course, the timing became crucial for Jay Z, not only to benefit from the publicity and income but also to mark a new chapter in his life now that he is the proud father of two new babies.

Sources, via Variety, reveal that Jay Z and Bey are sharing a $400,000-per-month mansion in Malibu until they find a place they can call home.

Supposedly, searching for their ideal house is harder than they thought, despite having an open budget of $120 million.

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