Magnetic False Eyelashes: Fake Eyelash Extensions With Little Magnets In The Lashes Are Getting Rave Reviews

Magnetic False Eyelashes: Why Fake Eyelashes With Little Magnets In The Lashes Are Getting Rave Reviews

Magnetic eyelashes are all the rage. Eyelashes, in general, are quite a hot topic, but magnetic false eyelashes are getting so much buzz online that One Two Lash, maker of magnetic lashes, already has more than 10,000 followers on their Instagram account. And reviews of magnetic fake eyelashes are spreading, with the eyelashes being called a game-changer, as reported by Glamour.

The ads for the magnetic and reusable false lashes have been showing up online, and folks are being drawn to the revolutionary beauty products that don’t focus on glue in order to get the lashes to adhere to a person’s own lashes. Instead, the magnetic eyelashes use tiny magnets to stick a top line of lashes to a bottom row of lashes, making the need for glue unnecessary, and giving a fullness to the lashes that other types might not.

The best reviews of the lashes praise them because of their ease of use, and their cost in comparison to the expensive process of getting individual lash extensions installed, and paying for their upkeep during eyelash fills. The popularity of the eyelashes with little magnets in them is increasing, according to Google, as word spreads online about the eyelashes.

Marquette University graduate Katy Stoka came up with the idea for her creative eyelash invention in the shower, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Stoka’s invention was such a hit that the magnetic eyelashes were previously on backorder. Those who’ve tried to grow their own eyelashes know what a long process it can be, and oftentimes turn to false eyelashes to make their own lashes look fuller. However, fake eyelashes can come with their own set of issues, such as wearers who are allergic to the glue, or those who find it difficult to quickly put on a set of lashes on their straight long eyelashes.

While many of the reviews for the magnetic lashes are raving online, a handful of complaints about the magnetic lashes have been published from users who write that they only look good when the wearers have on a bunch of makeup. Some eyelash wearers notice the gap between their own lashes and the fake eyelashes.

All in all, though, the reviews of the magnetic eyelashes are positive, and it will be interesting to see how popular the magnetic eyelash extensions become in comparison to the higher-end longer eyelashes obtained via individual eyelash extensions.

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