James Bond Producers Want A 007 Cinematic Universe

Marvel's success with their cinematic universe has provoked the likes of Warner Bros. and Universal to follow suit and create the DC Extended Universe and Dark Universes, respectively. James Bond producers are now looking to get in on the act, too, because it has been alleged that producer Barbara Broccoli and her half-brother Michael G. Wilson are interested in creating their very own cinematic universe for the character and his world.

This speculation has come courtesy of film reporter Jeff Sneider, who took to Twitter to reveal that the producing team is currently considering replicating Marvel's hugely successful formula with 007. Jeff Sneider posted his revelation in response to a Tweet from @filmnerdjamie, who had declared that the Broccolis should give Daniel Craig one final film after his hugely successful efforts in Casino Royale, The Quantum Of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre.

After initially alleging that the Broccolis have indeed offered Daniel Craig one more outing as James Bond, Jeff Sneider then decided to go on a completely new tangent all together and added that a James Bond Cinematic Universe was already in consideration.

"I've heard the Broccolis have caught Universe Fever and would love to explore other corners of the Bond franchise... simultaneously."
Daniel Craig to return for one more James Bond film
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If Jeff Sneider's prediction actually turns out to be correct, then Daniel Craig's fifth outing of James Bond will also kick-start a cinematic universe.

But what would the 007CU actually contain, and who would it revolve around? Well, it would almost certainly provide further details on Mi5, while giving us a peek at the different 00 agents, which ostensibly run from 1-9, as well as delving deeper into the lives of Moneypenny and M, too.

There's every chance that the above might not come to fruition, though, especially since there's still a heavy amount of speculation linking Idris Elba with the role of James Bond. While Idris Elba would be the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig in the role, it appears as though the decision on whether to continue in the role firmly rests on the 49-year-old's shoulders.

Late last year, Daniel Craig suggested he was keen to continue, admitting that he gets "a massive kick" out of playing the character, before adding, "If I can keep getting a kick out of it, I will." This was in stark contrast to his previous comments around the release of Spectre, when he declared he'd rather "slash his wrists" than star in a James Bond film again.

A James Bond cinematic universe is being considered
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But since Spectre came out back in 2015, and it will take at least two years for a new Bond film to be shot, edited, promoted, and released, it's safe to predict that the Brocollis are putting pressure on Daniel Craig to give them an answer sooner rather than later, so that they can move ahead with the franchise, or even begin to build the James Bond Cinematic Universe.

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