‘Melania Divorce And Melania Lover’ Search Terms Skyrocket 950 Percent On Google As Man’s Photo Spreads Online

Once again, First Lady Melania Trump is the source of fascination for people turning to Google to figure out the status of Melania’s marriage to President Donald Trump. As reported by Google Trends, searches for the phrase “Melania divorce” have skyrocketed, especially in recent weeks and days, along with people typing “lover” into Google. Whereas Melania’s statement hit back Mika Brzezinski, with Melania claiming that Mika doesn’t know Melania, Mika claimed that she believed Melania would get a divorce and not “put up” with President Trump’s shenanigans much longer, as reported by the Inquisitr.

As a result, Google reports search terms like “Melania files for divorce” and “Melania Trump files for divorce” joining terms asking, “Did Melania Trump file for divorce?” as breakout search terms for the search engine giant. Some searchers are typing “Melania Trump divorce BBC,” perhaps searching for a divorce report from the publication.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Melania is also the search subject of plenty of queries. One of those popular tweets comes from the of a man who posted a photo of Henry “Hank” Siemers, and tweeted President Trump directly, asking if Siemers was Melania’s lover. As reported by the Inquisitr, novelist Monica Byrne alleged that Melania had a lover, and Monica retweeted a photo of Siemers, who is head of security at Tiffany & Co. The White House has not confirmed or denied the rumor when asked. As such, Twitter reports that “Melania Trump lover” is a popular search term, and the below tweet is being liked and shared thousands of times online.

“This is alleged to be Melania Trump’s lover, & it’s been alleged to me that he’s hotter, younger, and fitter than Thoughts?”

Trump [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

Google Trends also reports that the search term “Melania Trump lover” has surged 950 percent on their search engine as a rising search term. Comparing the terms “Melania lover” and “Melania divorce” on Google Trends, it appears that the “Melania divorce” search term has received plenty more searches over time. However, “Melania lover” is quickly gaining steam on “Melania divorce.” At the current rate of searches, “Melania lover” could eventually meet or overtake the amount of searches for “Melania divorce” on Google, as folks try to ascertain if the rumors about any lover or divorce are true.

[Featured Image by Carolyn Kaster/AP Images]