Rob Kardashian: Sisters Prevent Blac Chyna Reunion Amid Fears She Exploits Him

Rob Kardashian is desperately wanting to get back with Blac Chyna but his sisters are refusing to allow it from happening, an insider claims.

Rob and Chyna have gotten much closer in recent weeks, having realized that it’s better for them to be actively co-parenting their daughter, Dream, together than to be feuding and be dealing with child custody drama.

Things have reportedly been going so well that Rob Kardashian is thinking about getting back with Blac, but according to Hollywood Life, his famous siblings are not having any of it.

The likes of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe have seen this time and time again. Everything’s great for the first couple of weeks before chaos erupts and the two start blasting one another on social media, which will evidently affect the family as a whole.

Rob Kardashian has been told by his momager, Kris Jenner, that in order to see his daughter on a regular basis, he doesn’t have to be in a relationship with Blac.

While everyone in the Kardashian household knows that all Rob Kardashian wants is to be a family with Chyna, the fact that they have constantly made headlines for their fights and arguments shows they just aren’t meant to be together, a source adds.

The Kardashians are refusing to deal with Rob’s drama if he was to reconcile with his baby mama. They know it’s going to end badly, and when it does, the USC graduate will be asking his siblings for help and moral support, which is something they simply won’t put up with this time around.

“He’s [Rob Kardahshian] a grown man,” the insider shares.

“His sisters are all worried about him, they think he’s getting played but what can they do? They totally get that he doesn’t want to put Dream through a custody battle.”

“They’ve been trying to tell him that he’s got more ground to stand on than he thinks, that he will get at least 50/50 custody. But Rob Kardashian is terrified that Blac will find a way to keep him from seeing Dream. Whenever they fight she threatens to do that to him and he worries that she’d find a way to do it.”

Aside from his worries of losing Dream in what would be a nasty custody battle, Rob Kardashian genuinely still has feelings for his ex-fiancée, who he’s more than willing to give it another try with.

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Rob Kardashian has publicly said that he’s in a much better space in his life right now. With his determination to be exercising on a regular basis and taking care of his health, the 30-year-old thinks it would be a wise idea to at least try and see if a reconciliation would work for him and Chyna.

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