Donna Price Discovered That Her Parents Were Actually Siblings, So She Turned Them In To The Police

Donna Price received a shocking Facebook message from an estranged aunt in 2014 informing Donna that her own parents were actually siblings, so the British woman made a difficult decision — to turn her own parents into the police.

The bizarre story is making international headlines, with the 32-year-old Price opening up about the decision to tell authorities about the illegal marriage and ultimately tearing the family apart.

Price shared her story with the U.K.’s Sun, saying that she felt betrayed when learning that her parents were actually siblings.

“I feel my childhood was all based on a lie. I hate them,” she told the outlet.

“There’s not enough words to describe how much I hate them.”

Price, who had just had a child of her own, decided to call the police and spark an investigation that would ultimately lead to her parents pleading guilty to charges of incest. Both were given suspended sentences.

Robin Price, Donna’s father, told the Sun that he met his half-sister in a pub in the 1980s. The two dated for a year and fell in love before learning that they were siblings. Robin said he knows it was wrong, but the two were happy and in love and didn’t care.

The couple never actually married but had four children together before separating in 1994. At least one of their children was born with a disability, which the Sun noted was severe epilepsy.

The strange story captured attention across the globe, with the Sun’s original story being picked up by the New York Post and Fox News and by in Australia. The story also generated quite a bit of debate, with some commending Donna Price’s decision and calling her brave while others saying it was not necessary for her to involve police decades after the couple had already split up.

Others criticized the original report for casting a bad light on Donna’s father but not featuring her mother in the story as well.

There was still one more twist in the story and another shocking revelation for Donna Price after turning her parents into police. Over the course of the investigation, she learned that the man who raised her was not her biological father. A DNA test revealed that Donna’s mother had actually had an affair with an unknown man, the Sun reported.

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