Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Are Making Changes To Their Relationship As He Heads Back To ‘The Voice’

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are going to have to make a few adjustments as he heads back to The Voice. Although the two enjoyed each other’s company last season, Stefani is taking another break from the hit show. How will Shelton’s busy schedule impact their relationship in the coming months?

Not much according to a source close to the couple. Despite not getting to go to work together everyday, the couple is still staying in constant contact.

“Blake has been and will continue to work on The Voice for the rest of the week and Gwen has let him do his thing,” a source close to the couple told Hollywood Life. “The workday is all day for Blake and it is just giving Gwen time to herself and her kids.”

As far as Stefani is concerned, it isn’t clear how well she will adjust to Shelton’s busy schedule. The two were able to share a lot of time at work last season, but that will change now that she isn’t a part of the show. Fortunately, their relationship is stronger than ever and should be able to take the hit.

According to OK Magazine, the pop star was recently spotted outside of a nail boutique. The No Doubt alum enjoyed an afternoon by herself, which is a rare occurrence. Stefani is usually seen with at least one of her three boys in tow, but she decided to take the afternoon off from her mom responsibilities.

Stefani isn’t the only lady in Shelton’s life these days. Taste of Country is reporting that former American Idol star Kelly Clarkson is joining the series for Season 14 and she is already talking about taking down her buddy Blake.

This marks the first time Clarkson will appear as a coach on NBC’s hit singing competition, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to hold back – especially when it comes to Shelton. While the coaches prep for filming, Clarkson promised fans that the competition will be fierce.

“I’m a big fan of [Shelton],” Clarkson shared. “Always have been for, I don’t know, for like a decade now we’ve been friends. So yeah, it should be fun.”

Kelly Clarkson reveals her rivalry with Blake Shelton before joining 'The Voice'

Clarkson is teaming up with Shelton for the Department of Defense Warrior Games, which kicks off on July 1. The event is a Paralympic tournament that features wounded, injured, and sick veterans. For Clarkson, the opening concert is an opportunity to showcase her skills alongside Shelton and prove that she won’t be an easy target next season.

“I guess it will be a precursor for The Voice. A precursor to when I annihilate him,” she said.

Of course, fans will have to wait until next year to see Clarkson and Blake Shelton compete against each other. In the meantime, Season 13 of The Voice is getting ready for production and will feature Shelton, Adam Levine, Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus, who is replacing Stefani.

Shelton has not commented on Stefani’s absence next season. The Voice is scheduled to return to NBC in September.

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