July 1, 2017
Jenelle Evans Shows Off Photos Of Son Kaiser's Third Birthday Party

Mother of three and reality TV star, Jenelle Evans, has a lot on her plate with her new book, Read Between the Lines set for a release date later this month--but it hasn't stopped her from celebrating her son Kaiser's third birthday.

The young mother recently returned from a vacation to St. Thomas, which she shared with her fiancé, David Eason, his daughter from a previous relationship, Maryssa, and her eldest son Jace. Although she was criticized for "dumping her other kids" and going on vacation with favored children, Jenelle proved that she doesn't play favorites by putting on a blowout party for Kaiser's third birthday.

Jenelle Evans hosted a birthday party with several of his friends and family members, though it didn't appear his father, Nathan Griffith was there. The pair have had a tumultuous relationship as of late, and have battled on and off for more time with their 3-year-old son. At one point, Nathan attempted to sign full custody over to Jenelle Evans so he could move to the United Kingdom but has decided against the move.

Also absent from Jenelle Evans' photos was her mother, Barbara, whom she also shares a tumultuous relationship. Jenelle and Barbara have been at odds for the past several months, as Barbara current has primary custodianship of her son, Jace, due to Jenelle's past with addiction. Sadly, this means she doesn't get to know her other two grandchildren, Kaiser and Ensley.

Jenelle Evans and her fiance, David Eason, were still all smiles as they celebrated Kaiser's dinosaur themed party with cupcakes, candles, and candy.Jenelle Evans has also revealed in her new memoir that her mother, Barbara, tricked her into giving up custody of Jace. She told Jenelle to go out and "relax" with friends, and when Jenelle came back, her mother had evidently called Child Protective Services (CPS) and told them Jenelle was often out partying. As a result, she says, she lost custody of her eldest son.

The pair went to court over custody of Jace last month, but it was not resolved the way Jenelle Evans had hoped. Instead of becoming his primary custodian, Jenelle and her mother now have a set schedule similar to that of divorced parents.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]