Sperm Donor Meets 19 Of The Kids He Fathered And Moved In With One Of Them

Sperm donor Mike Rubino fathered a multitude of children after impregnating women in multiple states. Rubino has met 19 of his offspring and is known to them as "dad" instead of Donor 929.

Mike Rubino is a 57-year-old man from Los Angeles. During the 1990s, Rubino boasted an extremely popular sperm donor profile. He was a fit, blue-eyed artist who was highly educated and had no genetic disorders.

The women who used Mike Rubino's sperm to become mothers hailed from California, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, Arkansas, Ohio, Colorado, and Maryland, according to a report by the Orange County Register.

Rubino said he was moved to become a sperm donor by a desire to help couples who were having fertility issues because he and his now ex-wife had also struggled to have a baby. Rubino was married from 1985-1995.

The sperm donor contract Rubino signed mandated he could not have any contact at all with the children he fathered until they were no longer minors.

Mike Rubino became a full-time dad to one of his offsprings, Jake. Rubino said he could not be happier about the relationship he has developed with one of his sons, whom he lived with in California.

In 2004, Karen Strassberg contacted Rubino and asked if he would like to meet her and her son. Jake was the first of the offsprings the donor met. Strassberg did not tell her son he would be meeting his biological father, but the pair seemed to have an instant connection, according to the sperm donor.

"I fell in love with that kid instantly. He was the greatest kid in the world," Mike Rubino said, according to the Daily Mail.

Jake appears to have felt the same way after meeting Rubino. He told his grandmother he felt like he had just met his "new best friend." Once Strassberg told her the man they visited was his father, the two began developing a very strong bond. Rubino eventually began to take Jake for visits on the weekends and holidays, and even started picking him up from middle school.

Mike and Karen ultimately decided to purchase a home together so Jake would finish growing up with both of his parents under the same roof.

The sperm donor continues to play a fatherly role with the other children he has met, including Jake, now 19. Mike Rubino has paintings he made of each child he has come to know around his home. Five of the children from Donor 929 have not yet reached out to him for a meeting. Four of the children are artists and have contacted him via either websites like Donor Sibling Registry or email, People reports. Rubino said all of his offspring are "great kids" and added each one of them is "brilliant in their own way."

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