July 1, 2017
Amy Schumer Crashes Couples' Wedding Photos

Comedian Amy Schumer made a newlywed couple's day as she photobombed their portrait session after they made their vows. While visiting London, England, she noticed a couple who recognized her and she immediately jumped in for an impromptu photo session.

The pair had just exchanged vows at the Mayfair Library, and Amy Schumer was making her way to meet with Beatles daughter and superstar designer, Stella McCartney when they ran into one another.

Jasmin Pereira and Jon Bates, the couple who made the chance encounter with the comedienne, said that Amy Schumer even asked them if they wanted a ride to their reception venue. The couple declined and took a cab instead, but they still appreciated the levity Amy brought to the otherwise sometimes very serious day.

"Amy was just lovely. She got out of her car and asked for a pic with us. She congratulated us and she let us take some photos by her car!" Jasmin gushed.

Amy Schumer has had bad experiences with fans before, and as a rule has decided that she won't always take pictures with fans. She has expressed in the media that people shouldn't take it badly if she isn't in the mood for photos, but she will if the people are nice and gracious.

She crashed a photo session in 2015 when a couple was taking engagement pictures and she asked if she could be featured in one. The photographer reported that she thought it was a little bit weird until Schumer took off her sunglasses and revealed who she was, and the couple got a good laugh out of it.

Amy Schumer recently split with beau Ben Hanisch and has been seen out and about with a mystery man in New York City. She revealed to a magazine that she is seeing "a new dude" and that "he is awesome," but has yet to reveal his identity.

If the mystery man is the same one from the photographs recently taken of Schumer, then he is not famous himself, which could make the relationship a bit easier for the comedienne.

She confided in the magazine that the split from Hanisch wasn't "that bad."

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]