Tom Holland Always Wore A Thong Under His Spider-Man Costume

Playing Spider-Man obviously comes with a healthy amount of perks. Not only are you flung around the set like a superhero, but you get to save the lives of your attractive co-stars, and you’re paid rather handsomely for doing so, too. But there was one aspect of being a superhero that Tom Holland really wasn’t prepared for. That’s because the 21-year-old English actor has now revealed that he had to wear a thong whenever he donned the famous red and blue costume.

Tom Holland made this revelation when he was recently quizzed about what it was like to put on his very own Spidey outfit. But while he was clearly rather disarmed when he was first presented with his array of thongs, and had one pretty alarming thought about how it might forever alter his body, Tom Holland had no option but “to get used to it.”

“The first thing you need to know, all I have on under that costume is a thong. They brought them in on my first day, like, ‘Here are your thongs’. I had serious misgivings – would my ar**hole ever be the same again? But I had to get used to it. Even though I was thinking no way, no way!”

Tom Holland wore a thong as Spider-Man
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Tom Holland also told Shortlist, via Yahoo Movies UK, that it wasn’t just the wearing of a thong that he had to contend with when it came to his costume. Because the eternal struggle of putting on his Spider-Man costume meant that getting out of it in order to go to the bathroom was a complicated process.

Tom Holland admitted that in order to go to the toilet he would have to “completely disrobe and then put a dressing gown on,” because otherwise he’d be walking around the set in just a thong. When you also take into consideration that Tom Holland was constantly drinking water in order to stay hydrated after shooting his variety of stunts, going to the bathroom quickly turned into quite the “mission” for the young actor.

This isn’t the first time that Tom Holland has been remarkably candid about his Spider-Man costume. While out promoting Captain America: Civil War the British thespian admitted that he was severely disappointed the first time he saw himself in the iconic outfit, because he had to wear one that his slightly taller stunt double had used, which meant “it was kind of baggy.”

“Sadly, I have to say it was a little disappointing. My stunt double at the time was a little taller than I am, and I had to wear his suit because they didn’t have one for me! So it was kind of baggy the first time I tried it on, and it wasn’t as cool as I hoped!”

Tom Holland talks Spider-Man
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You’ll get to see Tom Holland, and try to spot his thong, very, very soon, too, because Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in cinemas from July 7.

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