‘The Strain’ Season 4 Episode 2 Predictions: Eph Reunites With Quinlan, Eph In ‘The Blood Tax’

The Strain Season 4 has finally premiered, and it looks like the gang has fallen apart since Zach Goodweather detonated a nuclear bomb in New York. But will Ephraim Goodweather decide that his fight isn’t over and seek out Vasily Fet and Quinlan in “The Blood Tax”?

In the previous season finale, The Master was victorious after Zach detonated his nuclear bomb and effectively blocked the sun out. This allowed the strigoi to run around freely during the daytime and cause even more chaos in the premiere on The Strain Season 4.

Eph’s defeat in the Season 3 finale has somehow sent him to a new place. In “The Worm Turns,” it is revealed that he ended up in Philadelphia doing house calls in exchange for some booze. Things have changed drastically since the day he lost his son to The Master, yet there is hope that Eph will be reunited with Fet and Quinlan in The Strain Season 4, Episode 2.

Fet and Quinlan have turned out to be a truly effective odd couple. The two have been working together for some time, but it looks like they have lost Abraham Setrakian along the way. In a dream sequence, Fet sees Setrakian, who tells him he and Quinlan are humanity’s last hope before burning the Lumen. What exactly happened to the old man since the world was plunged into a nuclear winter? The Strain Season 4, Episode 2 might provide an answer as well as a possible reunion.

Fet and Quinlan might look for Eph to rescue Setrakian in 'The Strain' Season 4 Episode 2. [Image by The Strain/FX]

Carlton Cuse recently spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about Setrakian’s fate. According to the showrunner, viewers are set to learn what happened to the old professor in The Strain Season 4.

“It’s fair to say that what’s happened to Setrakian during the time jump is very much a question that the world explores.”

The trailer for The Strain Season 4, Episode 2 also offers a hint on what happened to Setrakian. The character is shown in a hospital bed being visited by Eichhorst. Is it possible that Setrakian has been taken by The Master and his friends are determined to save him in “The Blood Tax”? Will Eph reunite with Fet and Quinlan to rescue the old man?

Quinlan and Fet might find a bomb to use on The Master in 'The Strain' Season 4 Episode 2. [Image by The Strain/FX]

Find out if Setrakian survived the nuclear winter and will be reunited with Eph, Fet, and Quinlan. The Strain Season 4, Episode 2 will air on FX on July 23.

[Featured Image by The Strain/FX]