July 1, 2017
Singer Jack Gilinsky In Hot Water After Audio Appears To Show Him Verbally Abusing Girlfriend Madison Beer

Jack Gilinsky is in some hot water after leaked audio appeared to show the YouTube star verbally abusing girlfriend Madison Beer, prompting fans to take to the internet in outrage.

The clip appears to show Gilinsky, a singer and social media star, calling his girlfriend a "slut" several times during what appears to be an argument between the two. The audio was leaked late on Friday.

The incident quickly went viral online, prompting many to denounce Jack Gilinsky's apparently abusive behavior. As the site Superfame noted, the audio came from a Twitter account claiming to have hacked Madison Beer. The account posted several private photos of Beer to prove its authenticity, then posted the two-minute clip of Gilinsky verbally abusing her.

It was not clear when the audio was taken or the context behind it, but it appeared to show Gilinsky insulting Beer and claiming that he could leave her for another girl if he wanted to.

"You're a s***. You're a s***. You haven't told me about something, huh. Guess who can get any girl they can f****** want?" the male voice claimed.

To be clear, there is no proof that it is Jack Gilinsky or Madison Beer heard speaking in the clip, though many fans have assumed it to be him. The singer and social media star has not yet responded to the allegations.

Many responded in anger to the clip, with the term #jackgilinskyisoverparty shooting to the top of Twitter's trending searches on Saturday morning.

This is not the first time that Jack Gilinsky has gotten into trouble due to his behavior. Last September, he was arrested for allegedly shoplifting at the Los Angeles International Airport after police said he walked out of a shop wearing a sweater and not paying for it.

The incident was shared to the internet by his Jack & Jack partner, Jack Johnson, prompting fans to share the hashtag #FreeGilinsky. Johnson shared a series of Snapchat videos showing Gilinsky being questioned by police and later being led away in handcuffs.

Gilinsky claimed that he had accidentally taken the sweatshirt and then a store manager refused his offer to pay for it.

At the time of his arrest, Jack Gilinsky was also starting to get attention for his relationship with Madison Beer, the 17-year-old singer who was a protege of Justin Bieber. As IBT reported, the two have been spotted together around the time of Gilinsky's arrest and were just starting their relationship.

Gilinsky has been on social media for more than a decade, starting with a small YouTube channel in 2007 where he and Jack Johnson posted parodies of popular songs. The two moved to Vine in 2013 and went viral for a Nerd Vandals clip that got high praise from The Huffington Post.

"Here is, quite simply, a perfect Vine. Eric and Winston are hardcore nerd criminals out to teach their neighborhood a lesson… about multiplication tables. (Make sure to click the sound icon in the top-left corner to get the audio.)"
While it doesn't appear the audio allegedly showing Jack Gilinsky verbally abusing Madison Beer has not been authenticated, the damage may already be done. The person who hacked Beer's private account claimed that the two are no longer together.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]