July 1, 2017
Chelsea Houska Contends With A Seriously Creepy Fan, And Her Followers Come To The Rescue

Teen Mom 2's Chelsea Houska has already had to deal with a very bizarre fan not too long ago, when someone posted a photo of her baby boy, Watson, saying they couldn't wait for him to start potty training. But now, she's contending with a fan who has posted something even weirder, but luckily, her real fans have her back.

After posting a proud photo of baby Watson, someone not only took the photos and reuploaded them to their own Instagram but also wrote a seriously creepy caption. The user renamed Watson Liam and wrote an obituary for him, saying he had lost his fight with a deadly illness.

Chelsea Houska responded to the post, with an appropriate, "What the actual f**k?"

After several of her fans reported it, the post was eventually taken down. One fan even messaged the user privately, who said that she felt she hadn't done anything wrong and wondered why people were messaging her and reporting her photo.

The reality TV star, however, has bigger fish to fry these days, especially concerning her oldest daughter, Aubree's, father, Adam. Her baby daddy has been found with excessive amounts of meth in his system right before a visit with Aubree's half-sister, Paislee, which has really concerned Chelsea Houska.

She also recently tweeted that she suffers from PMDD, or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, which can cause the time before someone has their period to be absolutely miserable. Thankfully, she is using her platform to speak up for those who are suffering and connecting with others who have the same issues.

Aside from baby daddy drama, Chelsea Houska has been getting back in shape after delivering baby Watson just five months ago. She stated that she's ready to get pregnant again and have a third child, but she wants to wait a little bit longer before she does.

The Teen Mom 2 star revealed that in order to help her get back in shape, she's put her elliptical machine in the living room so that she can hang out with Watson while she works to get her body back to the way it was.

[Featured Image by Chelsea Houska DeBoer/Instagram]