July 12, 2016
'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: New Showmance Brewing, Frank Starting To Panic, And Tiffany Worries She Could Be Going Home [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 live feed updates for July 11 have been action-packed as a new showmance begins to form. Bronte D'Acquisto and Paul Abrahamian began to get closer and appeared to film most of the afternoon. Frank Edy starts to panic as he realizes most of the Big Brother house is against him. Tiffany Rousso worries that she could be the one voted out and drills her fellow houseguests about who they planned on voting out on Thursday's LIVE eviction show.

Online Big Brother reports that Bronte and Paul appeared to be growing closer and started flirting with each other. It may be too early to call it a showmance, but it looked like it was getting pretty close. Paul admitted that someone close to him audition for Big Brother, thinking he'd be a perfect fit. He never thought they'd select him, but they did. He told her that he wished the tables would turn for them in the Big Brother house because Paul feels like he is always walking on eggshells, being on the block so many times.

Paul told Bronte that his clothing line is bigger than he let on originally. He explained that he wanted to go to law school, but his business kept him busy. Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers indicate that Paul tried to open up to Bronte so she would trust him, but she looked somewhat apprehensive about trusting him.

Big Brother Network reports that Frank starts to panic that the house could be plotting his demise behind his back. He begins to realize that he isn't being included in all the gameplay talks. The past few days, Frank has stayed awake until everyone else is sleeping. Zakiyah believes that is a revealing sign that he isn't feeling safe in the Big Brother house. Is it possible that Frank is worried about Zakiyah and Da'Vonne getting the house to vote him out next week?

If Frank isn't worried about being targeted soon, he isn't as good at the Big Brother game as he claims. It seems like all the vets have distanced themselves from him over the past week or so. James Huling explained that he wanted to work with Frank, but he made himself a target. He hopes after Frank leaves the Big Brother house, he can continue to work with Paulie and keep their alliance under wraps.
Big Brother live feed spoilers state that Da'Vonne is starting to question her position in the alliance. She tells Tiffany that if her alliance is starting to make her question whether she could be targeted in the coming weeks. Da'Vonne explains that when she comes around, they get quiet. She fears she could be on the outside and could find herself evicted before long. Tiffany vows to have her back no matter what.

Tiffany begins to wonder if she could be going home this week. Paul and Da'Vonne told her she's safe and doesn't think she needs to campaign, but if she wanted to, she could "talk to the house" just to make sure she is safe. Paul told her that he was sure they were going to vote out Bronte, but felt Frank would probably give her a vote even if no one else did.

A few days ago, Big Brother 17 Vanessa Rousso posted to Twitter about how the house seems to be targeting her sister, Tiffany. She believes that they are singling her out because of Vanessa's reputation as a solid player and hopes that they can give her a chance. She explained that even though they are sisters, they are two different people. Vanessa has a point; Tiffany shouldn't be punished for her mistakes in the game.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will go home on Thursday's LIVE show? Do you think Frank can save his game? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and live feed updates.

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