Valuable WWII Assault Rifle Turned In At Police Buy-Back

Hartford, CT — A woman turned in an old WWII assault rifle to a police gun buy-back, only to discover it was worth between $20,000 and $25,000 — way more than the $50 to $100 the police station offered.

The woman, whose name has not been released, inherited the World War II weapon from her father, who brought it home from Europe as a war memento, reports ABC News.

Both officers conducting the police station buy-back are resident bun experts who immediately informed the owner that she was in possession of a Nazi Assault Rifle — the first of its kind. The rifle dates back to 1944 and is called a Sturmgewehr, which literally means “storm rifle.”

Officer Lewis Crabtree, one of the two officers who discovered the gun’s value, stated that the gun is the first “modern assault rifle ever made.” It was replaced by the AK 47 in 1947 by Russia, who copied their design from the German assault rifle.

Officer John Cavanna added, “It’s like finding the Babe Ruth of baseball cards. The rarity, it was made for such a very short period.” The Daily Mail notes that the WWII assault rifle was by far the most interesting gun they saw during the first weekend of December. They also collected 55 pistols, 91 revolvers, 13 rifles, and two derringers.

The buy-back program is designed to get guns off the streets. The guns turned in are melted down. The guns are normally taken in with no questions asked, but when the officers saw the WWII assault rifle, they agreed to allow the woman to sell it, instead of melt it down. Officer Crabtree stated:

“Usually, this rifle would be issued to SS troops. This is a gun that should actually be in a museum rather than a shredder. I give her credit for bringing it to us.”

The unusual gun, in perfect condition, could be worth up to $40,000. Are you glad to see the officers allowed the woman to keep the WWII assault rifle, so that she can sell the piece of history?