Storage Wars Lawsuit Filed, Star Says He Was Fired For Objecting To Faking Finds

A Storage Wars lawsuit as followed the termination of one of the show’s stars, who has alleged among other things in court documents that the popular reality TV hit is staging a lot of its content — and let him go from the A&E hit as a result of his objections.

The Storage Wars lawsuit is a “blockbuster” claim filed by ex-show feature Dave Hester, and RadarOnline has posted up some of the details in the sure-to-be contentious legal battle expected after the courtroom drama commences.

In the Storage Wars lawsuit, Hester makes a series of claims alleging that A&E, the show’s network, has deceived viewers by sexing up both the content of lockers on the supposed reality drama as well as the attributes of certain cast members.

According to the site, Los Angeles top attorney Marty Singer is representing Hester in regards to what they say are “numerous bombshell claims,” in what is described as a “five-count multi-million dollar lawsuit.” Radar also notes that in the past, A&E has asserted that Storage Wars is not at all staged or ginned up for ratings.

The post explains:

“Hester says was fired days after meeting with executives and subsequently asking to be indemnified by the show for any third party claims regarding ‘the authenticity of the auction process and the Series.’ … Hester charges … [p]roducers staged entire units and enlisted the cooperation of owners of storage facilities to do so … [t]he show plants items in lockers after having them appraised weeks in advance … [the] show obtains items to be placed in the units from a business regularly featured on air … “

The Supreme Court didn't make a decision Friday

The Storage Wars lawsuit is quoted as alleging:

“The truth is that Defendants regularly salt or plant the storage lockers that are the subject of the auctions portrayed on the Series with valuable or unusual items to create drama and suspense for the show,” the suit alleges.

Do you think the Storage Wars lawsuit is a “bombshell,” or do most viewers expect shows of its type are somewhat staged for entertainment purposes?