Here’s Why Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge Rarely Speaks In Public

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, most popularly known as Kate Middleton, is one of the most searched public figures on the internet today. As known to many, the media is always on the lookout for the latest news and updates about the woman who captivated Prince William’s heart. However, despite the seemingly endless coverage about her, the public rarely hears her speak.

After tying the knot with Prince William in a royal ceremony, Kate quickly became one of the most powerful women on the globe. Although considered to be a popular icon, the 35-year-old royalty is rarely heard in public events and interviews.

Many were quick to point out the difference between Kate and her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. Unlike the iconic Princess Diana, who is known for being charming and outspoken, Kate has an image of a silent woman amid her strong influence to the people.

Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge has her own reasons for not being too involved in official speeches. Reports revealed that the mother of two is not comfortable speaking in public.

Kate revealed that after her first public speech in a children’s hospice in 2012, she finds speeches “nerve-racking” — something that many could possibly relate to.

Another reason as to why Prince William’s wife opted to remain silent is the fact that she is a member of the British Royal Family. Apparently, it is a common tradition for them to remain mysterious despite their positions and popularity.

As reported, Kensington Palace follows a strict rule of not permitting anything aside from broadcast interviews to avoid misunderstandings and other possible issues.

Interestingly, sharing the same stage fright is Prince Harry, who admitted his fears in public speaking. Meghan Markle’s boyfriend, of course, has to do his part and deliver speeches for his public obligations.

Despite being private, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, still managed to make a few candid interviews — one of which is a new documentary from BBC One dedicated to Wimbledon. In the interview, fans can expect to see Kate’s charming personality as she dishes on interesting details about her love of tennis.

A self-confessed fan of the sport, Kate got to the point of begging her doctor to watch the Wimbledon finals in 2013 but the latter banned her as she was heavily pregnant with Prince George at that time. In fact, she even sent a letter to Andy Murray and apologized for her absence.

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