Rihanna And Hassan Jameel Romance Hits A Snag: Billionaire BF Not As ‘Black’ As Chris Brown & Drake, Says Dad

Rihanna and her new boyfriend Hassan Jameel have hit a road bump in their relationship, and it has something to do with what the Barbadian singer’s father said about the 29-year-old billionaire.

People can’t seem to stop talking about the newly-minted romance between Rihanna and Hassan Jameel. For nearly two months, fans were totally unaware that the “Umbrella” singer has a new squeeze until a photo of the couple kissing in a hot tub went its rounds on the internet a few days ago.

Of course, RiRi couldn’t care less about what other people think of her new relationship with Jameel, as the singer is old and smart enough to know what’s good for her. Her father, Ronald Fenty, however, is another matter, especially on account of how close they’ve always been.

As previously reported by Hollywood Life, Rihanna’s father told UK’s Sun magazine that he’s not thrilled about his darling daughter’s new romance, saying that Hassan Jameel is not “black enough.” It bears noting that Rihanna’s previous relationships involved two black men — Drake and before him Chris Brown, so back then Mr. Fenty had no reason to complain, at least on matters of color.

“A friend sent me them on Facebook of them kissing in the pool, I was looking for someone of color, a darker color, but whatever makes her happy. He’s very tall,” RiRi’s father said.

Rihanna’s father, just like most doting dads, is very specific when it comes to the men who want to date his daughter. It turns out that Rihanna’s former boyfriends — Chris Brown and Drake — are not qualified either since he doesn’t want her to date entertainers.

“She told me she had a new boyfriend about a month ago, but I didn’t know who he was. I always tell her, ‘Don’t date an entertainer, don’t date an athlete.’

“They are busy going this way and that way, they don’t have any quality time, and they’re good looking guys so women fall all over them.”

To top it off, Mr. Fenty doesn’t want her to date a billionaire. And no, he doesn’t want her dating a bum either.

“I didn’t know he was a billionaire. Too little money, or too much money can’t make you happy, you need to something in-between,” he added.

Rihanna’s new boyfriend Hassan Jameel and his net worth

The 29-year-old Jameel is not just a billionaire, he’s also deputy president and vice chairman of Abdul Latif Jameel, a family-owned company considered to one of the most successful businesses in the world. With a family fortune amounting to approximately $1.5 billion, not to mention holding exclusive distribution rights for Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia, Jameel is extremely rich.

Rihanna’s exes Chris Brown and Drake can’t stop talking about her

In the past few weeks, Rihanna’s exes — Brown and Drake — can’t seem to stop talking about her.

Chris, for his part, discussed in great detail his past relationship with Ri-Ri in his new documentary Welcome to My Life, even revealing that he almost proposed to the singer just before he beat her in 2009.

Meanwhile, Drake has expressed his strong disapproval of Rihanna’s new romance, saying that Hassan Jameel doesn’t deserve her at all, as previously reported by Hollywood Life.

“Drake is kinda jealous of Rihanna’s new billionaire boyfriend. He has no idea why she likes this guy,” an insider said.

“Drake and Rihanna have been off and on for years and he has a lot of strong emotions when seeing her with someone else.

“Drake thinks Rihanna is one of the baddest chick’s ever and he doesn’t think this new guy deserves her at all.”

That said, RiRi hasn’t paid them much attention. It’s not out of pure malice, either. She’s just really into Hassan Jameel that she doesn’t have the time and the headspace to pay them any mind.

Do you think Rihanna and Hassan Jameel’s romance will go the distance? Or will her new relationship go the way of the others (Chris Brown and Drake)? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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