July 1, 2017
Miranda Lambert Got A Kiss From A Handsome Fella, And It's Not Blake Shelton Nor Anderson East

Miranda Lambert seems to enjoy getting a kiss from the people close to her heart, including her current boyfriend Anderson East and Blake Shelton when they were still married. The 33-year-old singer even shared some of her sweet moments with her lovers on social media. However, her latest post on Instagram was a kiss from neither of the two – it's from a horse. She captioned the photo: "A kiss from a handsome fella...! Happy Saturday y'all!"

Just like most southern gals, Lambert enjoys riding horses. She revealed to Horse Channel that she and her family went to a lot of rodeos in Texas when she was younger. This encouraged her to perform in rodeos later on. The "Vice" hitmaker has three horses on her farm, and she also has several dogs, cats, donkeys, pigs, and chickens.

Since Miranda is on the road most of the time, she claims that her family looks over all of her animals when she is away. Despite her busy schedule, she tries to find time to ride a horse because it benefits her and influences her music.

"When I'm riding, it clears my head and I'm able to write better music," she said. "I love being outside. It's always good to get away from the computer and cell phone and just enjoy being with my horses."

Apart from horses, Miranda Lambert has a great affinity for dogs and this was probably one of the reasons why her marriage with Blake Shelton didn't work out. Inquisitr previously revealed the two most important passions in Miranda's life – and these are music and dogs. She told Cody Alan of CMT After Midnight that she needs a partner who would share her interests and she found that quality in Anderson East.

"Obviously meeting someone it's like, 'Hey, would you like to meet my seven rescue dogs?' It's not normal," Lambert said. "So, anybody that's friends with me knows they have to love my dogs, or they're not friends with me anymore. It's been fun to watch [Anderson] fall in love with rescue dogs more because they pretty much run my life."

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert
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When Miranda was still married to Blake, she found ways to make her pets less burdensome for her husband. According to US magazine, she had seven dogs when they were still together, but one stays with her grandmother half the time and two live on the farm. The country belle takes care of the rest at home.

"I have four that are in our house most of the time. But I looked at Blake one day and realized if I don't give him a break from these dogs, he might go crazy. I want to keep them all, but I need Blake to be good with that too, so I built them their own house outside of ours," she said.

Anderson East and Miranda Lambert
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Lambert seems to have found her perfect match, and her boyfriend East even joined the first Mutt Nation March last month. According to Just Jared, the award-winning singer teamed up with the organization to host the walk to raise money for animals in shelters.

Miranda Lambert's divorce from Blake Shelton must be a blessing in disguise because the songstress seems happy in her new relationship with Anderson East. She was even caught giving her boyfriend a kiss on stage while performing a cover version of "Stay With Me." According to Country Living, Miranda surprised the audience by having Anderson join her onstage. Watch the couple's adorable duet below.

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