'BB19' Shocker: Megan Lowder Gives Her Side Of 'BB' Exit, Apologizes To Fans For Taking Spot In The House

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Big Brother 19.

Big Brother has lost its second houseguest of the season, but it wasn't in the usual way. BB19 Houseguest Megan Lowder has exited the Big Brother 19 house after a major blowout that turned the entire house upside down. Now, Lowder is setting the record straight on what went down behind the closed doors of the CBS summertime house.

According to earlier reports by TV Guide, Megan was embroiled in a scandal involving a racist slur. Lowder allegedly spread a rumor that houseguest Jessica Graf had called fellow Big Brother contestant Alex Ow a "panda." In the Diary Room, Big Brother producers confirmed that Jessica had talked badly about Alex, but said she had never used the derogatory term. Alex later confronted Megan about her lie and it turned into a major blowout, with live feed watchers spreading rumors that Megan self-evicted herself from the house. However, in a new interview, Megan Lowder says she did not self-evict and instead left in a mutual agreement with CBS.

In an interview with the Desert Sun, Lowder revealed that her anxiety from post traumatic stress disorder became too much for her during her brief Big Brother sequester. Megan, who told her Big Brother housemates she was a dog walker, but really spent time in the military and worked as an interrogator, revealed that when she was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, in the U.S. Navy, she was sexually assaulted and now suffers from PTSD.

Big Brother fans saw Megan's earlier altercation with contestant Josh Martinez after he called her a "snake" and a "bully" and said her gameplay was "disgusting." Lowder forgave him, but warned she would never forget what he said. In addition, when Cody Nickson put Megan on the block, he told her he just didn't like her very much. Lowder said she does not understand why Josh and Cody went after her like that so early in the game.

"In the house… I had a lot of guys yelling at me and attacking me and it started really affecting me and making my anxiety severe and I was starting to get physically ill," Megan told the Sun.

"I was throwing up, I had diarrhea, I was nauseous all the time."
Lowder also denied the rumor about her making a racist remark, saying that the story was completely false.

"I read a lot of the stuff that people were saying about me," Megan said.

"I never made a racial comment."
Megan said even before the racial slur blowout, she had been talking to the other Big Brother houseguests about leaving the house.
"I knew I couldn't handle it anymore and I went into the diary room where I started having a panic attack and they wound up taking me to the hospital a couple hours later."
But Megan made it clear that it was a mutual decision between her and Big Brother producers that she should leave the show for her own health. Lowder also acknowledged that she let other Big Brother superfans down.

"It was my own issues that led to everything," Megan said.

"It wasn't anyone else's fault. Without my stuff going on I probably could have handled things very, very differently and been fine but I just couldn't."
Megan Lowder later took to Twitter to thank fans for their support and to apologize for taking a spot in the house that could have gone to someone who was more "deserving."
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